SAG-AFTRA To Hold Biennial Convention This Weekend – Deadline

SAG-AFTRA will hold its biennial convention this weekend, where delegates will help map out the Union’s priorities for years to come.

The Virtual Convention begins on Saturday with the election of the union’s second-tier officer-executive vice-president and seven other vice-presidents representing different areas of SAG-AFTRA, local people and the job category.

On the opening day, representatives of the union’s 25 local people will also hear from AFL-CIO President Liz Schuler and vote on amendments to the SAG-AFTRA constitution and several resolutions. Later this evening, the Union will present its George Heller Memorial Award to members or staff who have rendered outstanding services to the Union over the years.

On Sunday, National Executive Director Duncan Crabtree will present a report on the state of the Irish Union, and further resolutions will be considered. In the evening, at a special ceremony hosted by SAG-AFTRA members Yvette Nicole Brown and Ken Jeong, the union will present its American Sen Award, which honors employees and producers whose work reflects the country’s diversity. ۔

The convention ended on Monday with reports from President Fran Dresher. Secretary Treasurer Julie Fisher and newly elected Executive Vice President, who will replace Rebecca Damon. By then, the industry will know whether. IATSE has launched a nationwide strike. SAG-AFTRA leaders against film and television production. Supporting IATSE. And it has called on Hollywood employers to listen to their workers’ grievances and embrace “more conscious capitalism.”

The SAG-AFTRA National Board will meet on Tuesday.

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