Sale star “Sunset” Chrischel Staus in a transparent dress at the Critics Choice Awards: photo

Sunset Sale star Chrischel Staus, who is currently dating Australian musician Gee Flip, showed off a revealing outfit at her latest red carpet event.

Sunset sales star Chrischel Stause garnered attention with her revealing red carpet outfit.

On Sunday, 40-year-old Chrischel walked the red carpet of the Critics Choice Real TV Awards in Los Angeles in a see-through mini dress.

Although there was a second, slightly less transparent layer under the dress, it still left little to the imagination.

Chrischel donned tiny panties and accessorized it with a clutch she held in one hand.

She smiled as she posed, showing off her new hairstyle.

The Netflix star sported her hair with curled bangs in front of her face.

Her eyes were barely visible, and a pair of long earrings protruded from under her loose hair.

The bold new style comes after another major change in Crischel’s life.

Last month, after breaking up with boss Jason Oppenheim, the actress confirmed her relationship with non-binary singer G Flip.


Chrischel spoke about the affair during Sale Sunset reunion.

Confirmation of her new love came amid much fan speculation.

The real estate agent was pictured holding hands with G Flip after the couple attended a concert together.

Speaking about her personal life during the season 5 reunion show, Chrischel revealed, “I’ve been spending a lot of time lately with someone who is very important to me.”

She continued, “Their name is G Flip.

“They are non-binary, which is why they are called them/them, and they are extremely talented musicians.”

At the reunion, Chrischel was joined by her former co-star Jason, 45, who is also her boss at The Oppenheim Group, a prominent real estate brokerage.

Commenting on her dating experience, the actress added, “You can’t choose where to date someone.

“You don’t get to choose when you meet someone in their life.”

Confirmation from Sale Sunset the star has been keeping an eye on fan speculation about her relationship with G Flip.

They first met when the artist asked Crischell to appear in one of their music videos.

Fans on Reddit sparked the rumors after a photo surfaced of the couple holding hands during a concert in Denver, Colorado.

Another image posted to Crisshell’s Instagram Stories showed them on what appeared to be a “date” ahead of the season five premiere. Sale Sunset.

The newly confirmed lovebirds were also pictured on a PDA in a nightclub near The Oppenheim Group’s offices.


The revelation came after fans saw the end of the agent’s relationship with broker Jason.

The former couple first linked in the summer of 2021 and dated for five months before breaking up.

They were divided by the decision on whether to start a family or not, as Crischel really wanted to have a child.

Opening the post-breakup, she told her Instagram followers, “Jason was and still is my best friend, and aside from the fact that our ideas of family don’t end up the same, the amount of respect and love we have for each other is not will change. go ahead.”

At the reunion, Jason appeared to be happy for his ex, saying the G Flip “feels bad**”.

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