Sam Fender is working on a brand new sound to break America

HE has received British awards, first place and many fans, but Sam Fender has yet to conquer America.

However, this is about to change as the singer prepares his third album with a new dance sound.


Sam Fender is taking up dancing while working with Florence & The Machine producer Markus Dravs on his new album.1 credit

We can report that Sam is working with British super producer Markus Dravs who has worked with Coldplay, Wolf Alice, Bjork and Florence + The Machine.

Marcus has done well in the States and won three Grammys, so he knows the formula for success there.

A source said: “Sam has spent some dazzling years in the UK and his next step is to try and hack America.

“It’s no small feat, but with the right team around him, he definitely has what it takes to knock them off their feet.

Sam Fender Records Massive Charity Track With Springsteen, Mark Knopfler And Sting
Sam Fender falls in love with actress Hannah Dodd after getting into her DM

“He’s already mastered the genre of melodic indie rock, but record company bosses are hoping that his collaboration with Markus can add a different vibe to his sound and include some potential up-tempo dance hits.”

Sam is not afraid to spread his creative wings. Last month, he revealed that he had teamed up with Bruce Springsteen, Sting and Mark Knopfler on a superstar song.

He said, “Sting does FaceTime with us from time to time, oddly enough, I always end up in the bath.

“The other day we were in the studio. I did charity work with him and Mark Knopfler.

“I just did something on the guitar and it was nerve-wracking as hell.

“I’m going to play a Mark Knopfler song on guitar – he’s one of the best guitarists of all time. Springsteen is on it too.”

But not all of his meetings with superstars end so well.

He apologized last week for posting a picture of himself in Newcastle with Johnny Depp and calling him a “hero” on the same day that the actor’s libel verdict against ex Amber Heard was handed down.

Sam said, “Now I realize it was a bad choice of words and timing.”


ENGLISH football ace Jack Grealish is learning to DJ.

He talked about his new passion in a YouTube video made with fellow lions Bukayo Saka and Declan Rice.

He told the guys, “I’m trying to learn how to DJ, right.”

And when asked what name he would work under, he replied: “DJ Grealo”.


Kylie Minogue poses on her Instagram page in a gold snakeskin dress and thigh-high boots.

The Spinning Around pop star stood in front of a gold photo frame that also had scales carved into it, adding the caption, “Hi Miami!”

Kylie Minogue posed in a gold snakeskin dress and matching high boots on Instagram.


Kylie Minogue posed in a gold snakeskin dress and matching high boots on Instagram.1 credit

And she also posted a close-up of the flirty buckles on the side of her outfit.

We hope we’re as age-defying as Kylie was at age 54.


LOTTI MOSS has expanded beyond filming her gear on OnlyFans to create a sexy advice messaging service that costs £160 a month.

One client told us, “Lottie was very chatty and told me that I needed my girlfriend to feel special in the bedroom.

“I was hoping for something more straight forward and X-rated.”


VANESSA KIRBY, who played Princess Margaret in The Crown, has returned to the dating market and is looking for love for Paradise.

The actress was last linked to Christopher Abbott, her on-screen husband, in The World to Come.

But sources say that’s not the subject, adding that Vanessa has created a profile under her Noo username on the dating app.


Yesterday, Justin Bieber announced that he had canceled his upcoming concerts due to facial paralysis caused by a rare syndrome.

The Baby hitmaker, who canceled shows in Toronto, Washington DC and New York, told fans that the virus had hit the nerves in his ear and face.

Justin Bieber has pulled out of upcoming concerts due to facial paralysis caused by a rare syndrome.


Justin Bieber has pulled out of upcoming concerts due to facial paralysis caused by a rare syndrome.Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram

But Justin assured me that he would get better soon.

In an Instagram video, he explained, “I have this syndrome called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

“It caused paralysis in my face.

“That eye doesn’t blink, I can’t smile from that side, that nostril doesn’t move.

“This is pretty serious, but obviously my body is telling me to slow down. I hope you understand”.


HOW newlywed pop star Britney Spears posts pictures of her big day online, we can tell she has one more reason to smile.

Britney worked with her lawyer Matthew Rosengart to work out a prenuptial agreement before marrying Sam Asgari, where he agreed to take nothing if they separated.

But if the couple has children, Sam will have access to her assets.

A source said: “Sam has made it clear that he would be happy to walk away with nothing.

However, he made it clear that under the laws of California, if they start a family and disperse, the money issue will become much more difficult.


SSTRICTLY dancer Jovita Przystal has split from her partner Michael Danilchuk, whom she dated for nine years, after she was named one of the show’s four new pros.

Sources say he was “gutted” after being turned down for a role along with his girlfriend.

One said, “Things weren’t going well, and there was a split.”


Frontwoman Karen Oh has never been known for being weak.

Stepping onto the stage in a bright multicolored kimono, she remained admirably true to form.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen Oh wore a brightly colored kimono on stage at Brixton Academy.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen Oh wore a brightly colored kimono on stage at Brixton Academy.1 credit

In front of a sold-out crowd, her magnetic presence heralded the low pulse of the comeback single Spitting Off the Edge Of The World.

From there, New Yorkers quickly turned up the heat. Karen O’s head soon fell back, the microphone stuck deep in her mouth like in the good old days.

The twisted synth-disco Heads Will Roll sent the crowd into a tailspin in a shower of confetti, while the furious Date With The Night brought the proceedings to a halt with a bang.

At 6 years old I was a millionaire who ate lobster, now I'm 15, you will be stunned by my wealth.
I'm a stylist and obsessed with Primark's designer gimmicks - the £1.50 candle is a must.

Noisy, melodic and hypnotic, after nine long years of existence, the band is finally back in the saddle.

God, how we missed them.

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