Samuel L. Jackson appeared in the classic Eddie Murphy before he became famous

The main thing is to make money at the box office, and all the Hollywood stars do it better than the rest. Working with a single franchise like the MCU is a great way to do this, but some members might even connect to multiple franchises.

Samuel L. Jackson has worked with major franchises such as Jurassic Park franchise and unstoppable Pixar car, and it was a huge success. However, at the beginning of his career, he played smaller roles.


Let’s take a look at Jackson’s career and his time in the Eddie Murphy classic.

Samuel L. Jackson – legend

Samuel L. Jackson is the definition of a major star, and he really needs no introduction. Simply put, Jackson has starred in countless hit films over the years and has been able to deliver exceptional acting that has earned him a ton of critical acclaim.

Looking for proof that this person has had tremendous success? Well according to Mental threadJackson is the highest grossing artist of all time.

It paid off for Samuel L. Jackson to hit the ground floor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s not the only major franchise that has propelled him to the top spot on this list: star Wars, Incredible, and Jurassic Park also helped to consolidate his position, ”the site writes.

With his acting in films that grossed over $ 7 billion domestically, it’s safe to say that few can come close to his success.

Of course, Jackson wasn’t always this way.

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Jackson won’t be a star for a long time

Like a number of other performers in the entertainment industry, Jackson did not immediately find success in film or television. Instead, it took him a while to finally find his foothold in the business. However, as soon as he got a chance to prove himself, he was able to stand out in a number of projects and win public recognition.

Some may not know that sobriety has played a huge role in his tremendous success in his career.

“Two weeks after Jackson left rehab, director Spike Lee offered him a role in his next film, Dengue… What’s funny is that Jackson played a cocaine addict in the movie, so he didn’t have to do a lot of research for the role. But it was thanks to this role that Jackson was noticed by many other famous figures in Hollywood, ”writes Ventura Recovery Center

From that moment on, Jackson started getting bigger and bigger roles, and before he knew it, he became a star.

It was an amazing journey for Jackson, but it’s always important to look back. In fact, with hindsight, you can see that Jackson starred in the Eddie Murphy classic long before his name became a household name.

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He played a small role in “Coming to America”

Samuel L. Jackson Comes to America

So in which Eddie Murphy classic did Samuel L. Jackson play a role long before he became one of the most popular actors in the world? It turns out that Jackson had a small but memorable role in the film. Coming to America, which at one time was a big hit for Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall.

During the scene, Jackson’s character tries to rob McDowell’s, but Eddie Murphy’s character can use his martial arts expertise to thwart his robbery attempt. It even leads to a hilarious line from Arsenio Hall. At the time, few people knew that a guy playing a robber would make such a successful career in Hollywood.

Sadly, Jackson will not appear in the sequel. Coming to Americaand Eddie Murphy explained why that was and what Jackson’s character would do in a sequel movie.

According to Murphy“Sam Jackson, as you know, is constantly working, Sam is working on something right now.”

“It was actually the scene where the old McDowell’s was, and he was still looting the place 30 years later. We could not agree on a schedule, ”he added.

That would be really fun for fans of the original, and it’s a shame the charts just couldn’t line up for cameos.

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Although Samuel L. Jackson did not appear in the sequel Coming to AmericaIts inclusion in the original is what makes it all the more special after all these years.

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