Sarah Amg reveals where she and Garrett Morowski stand today.

Sarah Emg recently opened. Things About choosing Mr. Rang On. FBOY Island, But where does he stand with Garrett Moroski today? In a new exclusive interview, she shared how she feels about ‘King of the F Boys’ after filming.

“Anyone with eyes can see that Garrett is an F-Boy.” Sarah laughed – confirming that she knew she was a Fboy from the start. However, as Internal And Stir Reportedly, he decided to take a chance on it anyway – and the rest is history.

Sarah Emig of FBOY Island.

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The truth about Garrett’s relationship with his ex

It is said that there were red flags on the way. Probably the brightest of them all was his predecessor (and Island of love Star!), Lauren Cogan.

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As FBOY Island Viewers will remember that Sarah finally decided to get to the bottom of her relationship with Garrett, Facetime Lauren – specifically, to see if the two really Were broke down. However, Sarah’s biggest concern was that Lauren Kahn Garrett completely cut things off from coming to the show: “That would be a Fboy move!”

Fortunately, it turned out that they were not really together. Better, Sarah explained, “It simply came to our notice then. [Lauren] There was nothing wrong with that. ”

Did Sarah drop the hook, line and hybrid for a trick?

Sarah Emig is posing in the sun.

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As for Garrett’s supplies for another previous dating show, Sarah said she has some doubts. “It looked like a fish.” She confessed – and she was not alone!

“Chief Justice [Franco] Thought they were in a coma, and it certainly is. does Look like this! “ Sarah continued.

However, it turns out that one thing was honest about the ‘King of FBoys’: he and Lauren definitely parted ways. “Confirmed” Sarah shrugged

Sarah’s weight is on Garrett’s goals on FBOY Island.

Asked if he thinks Garrett has joined the cast of the film? FBOY Island To be a reality star, Sarah didn’t miss a single laugh, laughing, “Oh, of course!”

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In fact, he added, “I think he made it very clear that he wasn’t. [even] For there Money. “

“He wanted fame and notoriety from the show, and that’s what he got.”

As much as possible, don’t expect Sarah to come forward as your # 1 fan. Although she admitted that if she had been in her position in the final, she, “Maybe that’s what it is.” This social media manager was quick to point out flaws in his strategy.

According to Sarah, the biggest mistake was made by Garrett.

“I was shocked by his response in the final, because, for me,” Sarah thought “It seemed like a foolish decision not to distribute the money.”

“It was the final step in getting attention, and it worked.” He added – but he has a feeling that he will come back to cut it in the future.

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“Even if he didn’t want to be in a relationship with me, we could split $ 100k 50/50 and break up later. I don’t care.” He continued. “To take money, He has forever marked himself as FBoy.

Well, aside from personal branding, let’s not forget that k 100k. Could do Eventually it split into Sarah’s charity, not her bank account – so we would say that Karma is already working, it’s magic!

As the ‘She’ TMZ video …

So, in light of what happened at the end, why, oh why, did TMZ catch them both in Aerohon?

“After seeing how it all fell apart, he wanted to express his regret.” Sarah explained. “He has personally apologized to me.” Enter Erewhon “And he wants a big public apology.”

Where do Sarah and Garrett stand today?

“Honestly, I could have cared less. Everything that went down. What Impress me in a very real way, so when I think it’s great that he wants to apologize, I want to focus on myself and my career. “

As far as hoping that clearing the air could mean reunion, Sarah was quick to dispel any rumors. “Nothing to worry about.”

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