Sarah Michelle Gellar Says She “Had No Intention Of Saying Yes” To ‘Wolf Pack’ But The Script Changed Her Mind—TCA –

Sarah Michelle Gellar had no plans to join the upcoming Paramount+ series. The wolf packBut after reading the script, he changed his mind. The role marks Geller’s return to the horror genre on TV after a successful run on The WB. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Which premiered in 1997.

Geller spoke about her decision to star and executive produce the latest Werewolf series from Jeff Davis, who produced Teenage wolf for MTV, during the streamer’s TCA presentation on Wednesday.

“I’ve been stood up to one of them once, twice, in 2000. [types of shows]. Honestly, at first I had no intention of saying yes. [to Wolf Pack]“He shared. “When I read the script, it was the first time where my interest was so piqued. One of the beauties of Buffy It had a metaphorical side. These original monsters were metaphors for high school horror and to me, that’s what made the show so important and why it has stood the test of time. So when I read the script. [for Wolf Pack], and I spoke with Jeff, we discussed the issues he wanted to tackle primarily with anxiety and depression in children, specifically around their use of devices and lack of communication. It’s something I think about all the time, and it stands out.

He added, “But at the same time, I love water cooler shows. I want to be in a show that everyone is talking about.

The wolf pack Based on the book series by Edo Van Belkom. It follows a teenage boy (Armani Jackson) and girl (Bella Sheppard) whose lives change forever when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature.

Geller’s role is chief arson investigator Kristen Ramsey, who the actress said is “looking for her pack and a place where she belongs where she feels seen, heard. Gay can be herself,” as are all the characters Jackson has portrayed in the series. , Shepard, Chloe Rose Robertson, Tyler Lawrence Gray, and Rodrigo Santoro.

She teased Luna’s (Robertson) character as “definitely the bridge for all of us who want to find our pack.”

Geller reveals that Kristen has a secret about her, too. “While he seems like a tough, hard person to crack, there’s something else underneath that — without giving too much away — is the real reason he’s there,” she said.

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