Sarah Shahi of Black Adams confirms what we suspected about Noah Centineo’s behavior on set

Black Adam is Noah Centineo’s complete foray into blockbusters, although he acquired a bit of a taste while working on Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels back in 2019. He obviously has no problem diving headlong into the superhero genre, and he’s already proven it. what can he work well in an ensemble thanks to projects like The Fosters and T@gged. It’s obvious that such a big-budget film puts a lot of pressure on its stars, but according to Centineo’s co-star Sarah Shahi, the young actor brought tremendous energy to the set.

Shahi said Collider what it was like working with him, saying, “I mean, you know, he’s like a puppy. Yes, I also remember the first time I met Noah. It was between trailers. bouncing, just bouncing, bouncing.” She went on to say, “And he just reminds me of a Labrador puppy. Or something like that. It’s like his energy is so playful and so perky and you know and he’s funny and he’s good. a lot that surprised me. I asked: “Did you read?”

With so many talented actors, Dwayne Johnson’s enthusiasm for the project, and Centineo’s sweet puppy personality, it looks like the cast of Black Adam had a lot of fun working together. Whether they can do it again will depend on how successful the film is with Warner Bros. Roadmap for the DCEU in the future.

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