Sasuke fight in Naruto that means more than you think

Throughout the series, Sasuke and Itachi rapidly approach each other. One wants to kill the other for destroying their entire clan, while the other seeks to push his little brother for even more. The brothers fight several times on both shows, but their latest encounter takes them out of the traditional course. As their final battle draws to a close and both brothers run out of chakra, Sasuke stands up and watches as Itachi approaches him to deliver the final blow. Instead, Itachi simply touches Sasuke’s forehead, the same action he did with him when they were growing up. Itachi then leans down and whispers the last words to his little brother before dying, leaving the audience dumbfounded and wondering what was said.

Kishimoto deviated from the usual path of monologues ending in a fight to leave fans with a haunting moment they’ll never forget. The fact that Itachi doesn’t reveal his last words to the audience is just the cherry on top of a perfect ending. The fight could easily have gone in the opposite direction – indeed, other relationships in Naruto that had such a strong escalation always ended in an over-explanatory monologue.

With Sasuke and Itachi’s conclusion, Kishimoto decided to do the exact opposite and instead of ending it with an explosion, end it with silence. The result is not only an incredible ending for the brothers, but also one of the most emotional and meaningful moments in all of Naruto.

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