Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb of Today Show: A Day in Our Lives

Tell us about your dream team! Savanna Guthrie as well as Hoda Kotb bring your best game for Today show to the audience every morning – and they are exclusively invited Us weekly spend a normal day in their busy lives.

Guthrie, 50, began her career on the NBC morning show in 2011, replacing a longtime trainer. Ann Curry one year later. She and Kotb, 58, officially became co-hosts in 2018, and they continue to Today fans have reported since.

Earlier this year, as Today After celebrating seven decades on live television, the Oklahoma native recalled the moment she realized how important it was for young girls to see two female hosts in the spotlight every morning. “I remember I went to a SoulCycle class…and I walked in and it’s usually someone’s birthday and everyone always applauds,” Kotb said while attending an event at The Paley Center for Media in New York City in May. “I walked in and people started cheering… and they said, ‘What you and Savannah did today changed everything.’

The broadcaster continued, “It just dawned on me at that moment that it meant something to other people. … A woman came up with a little daughter and said: “I want you to know something. My daughter now finds it perfectly normal to wake up in the morning and see two women next to each other.” And now that has changed for these kids.”

Guthrie echoed her colleague’s pleasant feelings, noting how much she appreciated Kotb’s friendships in and out of the office. “It’s great to have a partnership with a woman, but for me [it’s important] to have this friend, cheerleader and partner,” she said, pointing to Kotb during the panel. “And I really feel it from her and I hope we share it. It’s incredible”

The pair’s close bond has been evident for years, and Guthrie doesn’t shy away from giving credit to Kotb for bringing new energy to Today in 2018. “I am happy and excited because I have a great partner in Hoda,” she said. Insider TV after Where are we from the author was officially appointed coach. “You can’t fake chemistry. I can tell when soancores don’t get along. If you have that kind of rapport, it makes people want to spend time with you.”

Though it’s never boring Todayjournalists over the years have entered into a regular routine with each other along with other presenters Craig Melvin, Carson Daly, Al Roker and more.

Scroll down for a peek into a day with Guthrie and Kotb:

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