Scott Disc fans are concerned as Megan Fox and Courtney Kardashian introduce their ‘future baby daddy’

Megan Fox and Courtney Kardashian He gave a special slogan to his men who were performing together in VMAs. Interesting exchanges come as no surprise to fans who are accustomed to redefining the PDA to two related couples.

On Sunday night, MGK and Fox did not disappoint with their excessive love for each other on the red carpet with Court and Travis.

However, while Former Fox Brian Austin Green. Secretly bitter, Scott Disk has no problem envying Kardashian.

After the disk’s own former KDM, things went downhill for the former. Continue with Kardashians. Her relationship with star model girlfriend, Amelia Hamilton went to the gutter. Following the revelation of Younis Bandjima’s private messages.

Scott wrote, “Is this girl okay! ???” Younes replied “It doesn’t matter to me as long as he’s happy,“he replied.” PS: I am not your brother. He also titled the show, “Keep the Energy You Have About Me Publicly, Privately.” ”

We don’t know if the disc has recovered from this exploitation and thus it’s just a cherry on top of a very dirty cake.

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Presented by Megan and Courtney.

Megan Fox and Courtney Kardashian in the 2021 VMAs.

During his presentation, Fox began to say, “I’m a big fan of this next actor,” talking about boyfriend Kelly. “I’ve seen it grow, and not just as an artist, but as a person.” “I’m a big fan too,” Kardashian said.“Before Barker’s statement,” and … I think his drummer is very hot. “New York, I need you to raise an extra voice for our future baby Daddy,” Fox added. “Kardashian concluded with a big smile.”Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker.

The audience heard only one thing from this speech .. “Baby Daddy.” Someone should check the Scott disc because we already know that one has been stung. Scott and Courtney have three children, Mason, (11), Penelope, (9), and Raj (6).

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Fans are worried about Scott.

Watching Scott Disc at home:

“Scott Disk is pushing the wind.”

Someone added.“Someone checks out Scott’s disk,” while another wrote, “To re-text Younis or whatever his name is.”

Hopefully Scott Disk is recovering after Sunday night’s intensity!

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