Scott Disick commented on the notorious Pete Davidson package in the photo of Kim Kardashian in a sexy bikini

FORGET Kim Kardashian and her barely visible bikini. All Scott Disick wants to see is Pete Davidson.

And obviously ALL about Pete Davidson.


Scott Disick left a scandalous comment under the photo of Kim in a bikiniCredit: Instagram
Scott's comment was intended as a joke about Pete Davidson's masculinity.


Scott’s comment was intended as a joke about Pete Davidson’s masculinity.Credit: letthelordbewithyou / Instagram

Continuing your Bahamas vacation with Pete, Kim shared a snapshot of herself rest in Kristen Bell Tattoos.

She signed it: “Sweet, sweet fantasy, baby.”

But in the comment section Scott seemed to be fantasizing about other.

“Crap! Where is the tripod! ” Scott declared.

In the world of urban vocabulary, “tripod” is “a man with such a large penis that it is interpreted as a third leg, hence the” tripod. “

It has long been rumored that Pete is packing up, and Scott’s fans were delighted to hear confirmation of him.

Under Scott’s comment, one person wrote, “(Pete’s) reputation precedes him.”

Another added, “So the rumors about Pete are true?”

And the third approved: “I heard Pete also had a third leg. I like his new nickname. “


Scott’s constant affection for the Kardashian family and, in particular, his ex Kourtney, may have cost him his recent relationship with Amelia Hamlin.

Scott began dating Amelia in October 2020, two months after breaking up with his three-year-old girlfriend Sophia Richie.

While there was chatter about the age difference between Scott and Amelia (he is 18 years her senior) and the blatant disapproval from Amelia’s mom, Beverly Hills real housewife star Lisa Rinna, the couple seemed happy.

However, their relationship ended almost a year after they started dating, reportedly due to Scott’s relationship with his children’s ex and mother, Courtney.

Days before the split, former Courtney, Younes Bendjima, shared screenshots of messages he claimed Scott sent him about Courtney’s romance with Blink-182 drummer and now fiancé, Travis Barker.

“Hey, this chick is fine! ???? Brooo like this.

“In the center of Italy,” Scott’s messages read, along with a photo of Courtney and Travis showing affection during their trip to Italy.

The source said People their problems were a mixture of Amelia’s disapproval of Scott’s affection for Courtney and simply “Scott is Scott.”


Kim snapped a bikini shot on vacation as she relaxed on a sun lounger in a brown tie-on swimsuit.

The 41-year-old woman closed her eyes while taking a selfie and listened to something with headphones.

A copy of the magazine lay beside her, completing the relaxing look.

Kim and her new lover Pete were seen boarding a private jet at an airfield in the United States on Monday before heading to the tropics to kick off 2022 with the 28-year-old comedian.

While Kim and Pete are heating up in the Bahamas, former Kim, Kanye West, has been spotted several times with actress Julia Fox.

Rapper Hurricane, 44, was recently spotted enjoying the company of 31-year-old actress Uncut Gems during a trip to a theater in New York City.

Pete Davidson has a reputation "tripod"


Pete Davidson has a reputation for being a “tripod”.Credit: Getty Images – Getty.
Pete and Kim flee to the Bahamas


Pete and Kim flee to the BahamasCredit: Instagram / @ angelinas_ristorante
Scott has a long-standing relationship with Kim, Kourtney, and all the Kardashians.


Scott has a long-standing relationship with Kim, Kourtney, and all the Kardashians.Credit: Getty

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