Scott Kushner & Michael Simon Launch F Street Productions – Deadline

Special: Former media veteran Michael A. Simon and. Scott Kishner Worked together to launch. F Street Production, A company dedicated to developing and developing original, cross-platform scripted entertainment. Based in New York and Los Angeles, the company will focus on content that is at the crossroads of storytelling and lifestyle.

F Street is kicking things off with two original podcasts, the episodic comedy series. Silent And Secret unveiling, Which are currently in post production. Premiere dates will be announced soon. An announcement of additional original cross-platform content is expected soon.

Silent Influenced by the real-life achievements of musician and rock legend Qasim Sultan. In the series, Sultan’s co-creator and executive, fiction writer Alec Sultan has a heart attack on stage and is forced to reunite with his three grown children, all talented musicians. Although children know very well that their fathers can be self-destructive and sometimes incredibly self-absorbed, they are also the support on which they have built their strange lives. And when they all finally decide to form a band and play together – and they will – one thing becomes clear: they may not be a very tight family, but they are a very good F ** King band.

A bassist, keyboardist and singer, Sultan has been Todd Rundgreen’s bass player in Utopia for decades and has also performed on the albums of many of the top artists of recent decades, including Matt Loaf, Young Jet and The Black Hearts. , Cheap Tricks, John Bone. Joey and Hall & Oates. During his career, Sultan appeared on albums that have sold over 85 million copies worldwide. As a solo artist, his latest album, Qasim 2021, was released in September 2021 by Deco Entertainment.

“There have been a lot of crazy situations and experiences in my life – both high and low – that can be hard to explain,” Sultan said. “The series provides one of those moments with a much more powerful insight and amazing clarity. I’m looking forward to sharing this story with the two fans who know me and the other who may have first introduced me and my music.” Searching times.

Secret unveiling With over 400,000 social media followers, #WitchTok’s alternative spiritual subculture is hosted by Pythian Priestess, a well-known wizard and content creator. With special guests in each episode, Secret unveiling The Pythian Priestess centers around her amazing insight, knowledge and amazing ability to help those seeking spiritual guidance.

“As a result of the massive media coverage about spirituality and magic, there is a lot of misinformation and initially presenting as experts,” said Pathean Prestes, who is also the series’ executive producer and co-creator. ۔ “Secret revelations reveal the secret lives and rituals of expert practitioners. Such experiences cannot be found in books, blogs, or tic-tac-toes. Their eyes and ears are being exposed for the first time.”

Simon said, “What I’m excited about working on this podcast is that I create an area that’s very familiar to me as a director, yet I’m allowed to tell stories in new ways. Gives.” “I haven’t worked in a special audio medium since my punk rock days during my college radio tour in the 80’s, so the podcast format makes me feel very fresh. Content creation is a team game and those people There’s a partnership that is going to challenge you to get out of the box, that’s why I’m here. I don’t know where it’s all going, but I’ve loved the journey so far.

“Podcasting is at the forefront of the renaissance in audio as a dynamic entertainment resource and an exciting platform,” Kishner commented. “Starting my career producing longform radio content, it feels like podcasting has brought me into the full circle. At the same time, all the content produced by F-Street Productions, including both. Silent And Secret unveiling, Are completely agnostic platform. Everything we make is designed to live on any media platform, making F Street highly capable and exceptionally adaptable to today’s market.

Kishner and Simon have been friends since they met as undergraduates at George Washington University and discovered their shared passion for comedy and music (F Street derives its name from the dormitory where they met). In the years that followed, he has succeeded in working with both artists and projects in music, television and film.

Kishner is the executive producer of Mediaplace, a NYC-based integrated media and creative services company he founded in 1993. Mediaplace is best known as the creator of content on all platforms: video, audio and digital, as well as activities for events and in-depth experiences.

MediaPlace was recently created. Dear New York, Reviving the story of New York City’s resilience and rebirth during epidemics. The show aired on all NYC-based network television, with Robert Klein as the narrator.

Kishner began his career with the network radio syndicators DIR Broadcasting, LBS Communications and the ABC Radio Network. During his tenure, he was actively involved in productions with music artists such as The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Hall & Oates and Eric Clipton. He has worked on a number of specials, including LiveAid and The House Farewell Tour.

Prior to launching Media Place, Kishner was a founding member and vice president of Point of Shopping Radio. The company was later acquired by Heritage Media.

Since 2001, Kishner has served on the board of the John A. Reisenbach Foundation, a media industry charitable organization, which currently serves as co-chair of the organization’s program committee.

Simon is currently in pre-production on his first feature film. Prisoner of time, Based on the documentary Town Bloody Hall. The film tells the story of a father and his daughter, Norman Mailer, Marilyn Monroe and #MeTooMovement.

During his last eleven-year career at VH1, Simon created and directed the series. New Vision, VH1 storytellers. And famous VH1 Davis.. At VH1, he worked with musical legends, including Mel Davis, Prince, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Prince.

Simon left MTV Networks to continue his work as a freelance director, where he will lead a number of specials and series, including Soul train, 25 are alive. Survivor Finals, Emmy-winning 22-year-old Home for the Holidays and the memorable commercial series, featuring William Shatner. Other credits include. Bees only one night. HBO Concert Specials, Jimmy Perfect Live, Rock Star, The Sung Off. And MTV America’s Best Dance Crew, Contestant, And more.

Simon, a well-known comedy director, worked in 25 seasons. Funnys, with several spin offices, and numerous comedy specials, including Jeff Dunham and the award-winning Comedy Central Stand-up Special Gad Elma: The American Dream. On netflix

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