Scotty McCreery and his wife Gaby announce they are expecting their first child together

Scotty McCreary and his wife Gaby expect!

28 year old american idol alum broke the exciting news in an interview with People published on Tuesday (June 21).

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“A little man is coming towards us.” Scotty told the publication, adding that he and Gaby “always talked” about joint children.

“We always knew we wanted kids, but we always knew we wanted to travel for the first few years and spend time on the road and see things and have life experiences,” he shared. “We’ve lived a great life and done some cool stuff, so it looks like now is the perfect time to settle down a bit and expand our family.”

Gabywho got married Scotty explained in June 2018 that she found out about her pregnancy earlier this year, sharing a “funny story” about how she told her husband and adding that “things didn’t go as planned.”

She said that she originally wanted to tell him this after meeting at the airport, before they were supposed to go to the hockey game together.

“Well, his flight was delayed, so it didn’t work out,” she recalled, explaining what she ended up telling him after the game.

“I’m out there drinking beer, having a good time, and she’s like, ‘I think I’m just going to lay down tonight,’ and I’m like, ‘OK.’ Scotty he intervened. “I didn’t think anything about it.

The couple also confirmed that they are having a baby in November and that they are having a boy.

“I was the only boy on both sides of my family, the last McCreery boy.” Scotty said. “Gabyfrom two sisters in her family, so I just thought it would be a girl. But we have a surprise in the form of a boy.”

While he would be “delighted” with a boy or girl, Scotty shared his excitement about all the moments he would share with his son.

“I grew up playing sports, so introducing him to baseball, which was my first love right away with music, and golf are just little things that [will be great]”.

Gaby added that her work as a pediatric nurse prepared her for the birth of a newborn. “Even just changing diapers a few times a day and figuring out how to calm a baby down when he’s upset has certainly helped,” she said.

“I definitely feel like it prepared me in a lot of ways,” she continued. Scotty said, “It will be great for me, because I will be very nervous.”

“If a child coughs, I say: “Hey, Gaby, this is normal? What’s going on here?’ So knowing that she has this experience, I think it will be huge,” said the country star.

Although the couple had not yet decided on a name for their son, they agreed that they were already planning to take the baby with them on the road when Scotty excursions.

“I think we will bring another bus and try to make a small nursery for him,” he shared. “Maybe it won’t be every week and we’ll see the kid get used to road life, but it would be nice, just selfish, to have Gaby and the baby is there with me. I don’t want to miss anything while it’s growing.”

“Traveling has become such a part of our lives that I feel that if we start at a young age, it will prepare him a little.” Gaby noted.

Scotty he concluded by saying that he feels like “everything comes together” in both his career and personal life, and shared that he is “very grateful to the fans who have been there since day one.”

He added, “[This is] uncharted waters for us, but we can’t wait to dive in and meet the little man.”

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