‘Scream’ added to the hype on Twitter with a new emoji in front of the trailer.

To scream Coming back to our cinema screens. In all its glory, but it seems that franchise fans will have to wait for the trailer.

The slasher story, created by the late filmmaker Wes Creon, is about to launch its fifth installment. To scream, And a special preview of the movie with some lucky fans. But only if you have a ticket to see the special remake edition of the first film, whatever the title. To scream, Is scheduled for the 25th anniversary of its release (October 11).

What about people who can’t reach the cinema? Don’t worry, it looks like the trailer will hit social media soon. In addition, the official Twitter account for the series is trying to endure the long, long wait by releasing a special release. To scream Emoji.

Treat fans to a special Twitter emoji before the ‘Scream’ trailer is released.

“We’ve officially got a #scream emoji ready; something’s coming,” reads a tweet posted today (October 5), which clearly indicates something is ready. Could this be a trailer? We should have such hope.

How to increase hype, right? The official Twitter also tweeted “Scream trailer is on us” in a tweet published on October 2, it’s really just a matter of days before at least some fans can take a look at the new bloody adventures in Woodsboro. The city in California where the franchise takes place.

Another tweet confirmed, “The first trailer for the fifth #Scream movie has just been rated. It will have a runtime of 2:21 and will be released at the screening of the original #Scream next week.”

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Who is returning for a brand new ‘scream’?

Directed by Matt Betnelli-Olympian Tyler Glett and written by James Wonderbilt and Guy Bisque, the new film will see the return of many famous faces.

The protagonist, the last girl, will return with Sidney Prescott (New Campbell) reporter and author Gail Weathers.Friends. Star Courtney CoxAnd Sheriff Davy Rally (David Arkett). Details of the plot are wrapped up, but it looks like they will enter another mystery with the famous three new characters, courtesy of Ghostface.

Sees new additions to the cast. You And the coming Wednesday Star Gina Ortega With Jack Quaid, I was spotted. Boys, And Vida Actress Melissa Berra

The scream will hit theaters on January 14, 2022.

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Each season has a very different theme, and they still manage to add some of the characters and locations from the previous season.

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