Scream confirms this meta-Easter egg in new movie

More details on the new “Scream” are revealed as the slasher is only two weeks away from release.

The fifth chapter of the saga, simply titled “The Scream,” returns some of the original characters, including “The Last Girl” Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), the ambitious reporter Gail Weathers (‘Friends‘star Courteney Cox) and the shy Sheriff Dewey Riley (David Arquette).

Along with some of the franchise’s protagonists, this new episode will feature the beloved Easter egg featured in Scream II.


“Scream” Shows “Stab” Will Return In Next Movie

Scream is a film-in-film with the slasher saga Smash, a sensational tale of Gale’s first book on the Woodsboro murders.

Fans of the saga may also recall that Scream 3 takes place on set. And not just any set: in the third chapter of the franchise, the characters die like flies on the set of “Injection 3”. There is no more meta, right?

Twitter on the show’s official account has confirmed that Impact will return for a new movie.

“Who is ready for the return of the STAB franchise to #SCREAM? Can you guess the name “Stab 8”? “

The tweet seems to mention the name of a brand new “Scream” which will not be titled “Scream 5” despite being the fifth bloody adventure in the franchise.

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Who will be the star in ‘Stab’ 8?

Scream is known for nodding to the original horror movies and featuring Easter eggs that fans of the genre might spot.

In The Shot, famous actors appear in episodes as fictional versions of themselves. For example, in the first movie, Beverly Hills 90210, star Tory Spelling plays Sidney, and another Friends alumnus, David Schwimmer, portrays Dewey.

Stab continues to be referenced throughout the saga, as Chapter 7 of the prolific fictional franchise is highlighted in the introduction to Scream 4. With actors like Luke Wilson and Kristen Bell appearing in episodes of the fake franchise, fans are wondering who will appear (and most likely pop up) in the new chapter.

Since different names come into play for this, Samara Weaving could be envisioned to appear in the new film, as she previously worked with the Scream 2022 filmmaker duo Matt Bettinelli-Alpin and Tyler Gillett on the horror film Done. or not’.

Aside from speculation, fans will have to wait until January to find out how the meta-franchise will be incorporated into the main story.

The Scream will be released on January 14th.

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