Sean Kanan Details How He Changed As Actor From Karate Kid III To Cobra Kai

In an exclusive interview, Sean Kanan told Looper that The Karate Kid Part III taught him a tough lesson, but he also learned there was a positive side to it. “The first [lesson] was when I was lying in bed with a 15 inch gash in my stomach and braces. There were no flowers or postcards in the room; there was a call from the director saying, “You have 10 days to get back to work or you will lose the role,” so it was a bit of a rough wake up call,” Kanan recalls. — I quickly realized that this is a business. and your value depends entirely on the value you can bring to the business. But I also learned that it didn’t exhaust me. It didn’t upset me or make me cynical, so it was a good lesson.”

One thing Kanan said he didn’t bring to Cobra Kai with him was any concerns about Mike repeating himself due to his injury in Karate Kid Part III: “I didn’t really think about it. I made a huge martial arts scene. on ‘The Bold and Beautiful’ which was much more violent and I did all my own stunts,” Kanan said. “I didn’t think about it other than the nostalgic aspect of realizing that when I got injured, I was playing this character. There was no trepidation or anxiety on my part because I had done dozens of action scenes. years, but I knew it happened when I played Mike Barnes.”

All five seasons of Cobra Kai are streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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