Sean Kanan on the return of his karate villain Kid III in Cobra Kai season 5

You must have been taken aback by your lines of dialogue in Episode 3. Mike is talking about one thing, but Daniel thinks he is talking about something else.

[Mike was actually referring to a piece of furniture, not Daniel, saying]”I told you to get rid of that Italian piece of shit” in front of a beautiful wife. [laughs]

Yes. It’s incredibly smart. You will meet Chozen right after that. This is a very smart story. You should have thought, “Dude, is this an introduction to my character? This is amazing stuff!”

That was great. It was so much fun. What I really liked was that I had the opportunity to apologize to Daniel, and it was certainly a long-awaited and well-deserved one – and I liked the fact that it wasn’t just a redemption arc. Yes, the guy apologized and Mike would probably remain a happy furniture salesman, get married and live his life making furniture, but once Terry Silver burned his life, he was able to go back to what he knew best and that was a comeback to the bad boy.

AT EEpisode 10, if you think about it, what a monumental moment. You have all three of Daniel’s antagonists from the three films together. You have Mike, Johnny, Chozen…

Yep, like allies.

[They’re] plotting with Daniel even though he doesn’t want to continue it from his point of view. But Mike, Johnny and Chosen want to hurt Terry Silver. Did you sit back while filming this scene to think how cool and surreal this whole setup was?

Ralph [Macchio] and I were together on set, and at one point he said to me, “Can you believe it?” That’s one of the things I love about Ralph. No one deserves this success more than him and Billy. [Zabka] because they are amazing guys. They’ve both been in Hollywood for a very long time and he’s still like, “Wow, isn’t that amazing? Is not that great?” Keeping that sense of humility and gratitude makes a lot of these two great guys… It couldn’t have happened to nicer guys and Ralph and I both thought, “Can you believe this? 30 years later, and here we are.”

One of the greatest things about this experience for me outside of production on a humanistic level was the opportunity to get to know Ralph again as a person. [I got to play Mike] as a 55 year old, as opposed to this cocky 22 year old thrown into this situation that was “drowned or swam” like his nemesis, where we were very much held apart from each other. They did not do much to strengthen the friendship between us, but they acted wisely. Now we have the opportunity to spend some time together and it was really great.

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