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Special.: Oscar-winning multi-hyphenate. Sean Penn Has launched Projected Picture Works, a new independent production company that it will run with production partners. John Era Palmer. And John Wildermouth.. New Shingle will produce and produce films and series, telling stories with established and emerging talent that are original, meaningful and cinematic.

Palmer, Wildermouth.
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Pan, a two-time Academy Award-winning actor, director, writer, and producer, is coming out of acting and directing. Flag Day, MGM released after its Cannes premiere, and it’s coming to an end. Gas lit, StarsWatergate Limited Series developed by UCP. He is working with Julia Roberts...

Palmer is a producer and former marketing executive, and Wildermouth is a producer and veteran assistant director who made his directorial debut with Pan. Indian runner. The trio collaborated on Flag Day, co-produced by Executive Wildermouth, and co-produced by Palmer.

Projected Picture Works is currently working on the initial slate of its projects, and all three have signed on to production. Black flies Directed by Jane Stephen Sawyer, starring Pan and Ty Sheridan. Based on a novel of the same name, Black flies There is a thrilling film about paramedics that saves our lives – it’s an in-depth look at life on the streets and a doctor’s struggle to maintain his desire to help despite his growing fears that something Will not be able to The film is being produced under the banner of Sculptural Media, co-produced by Force Maguire, the creative production arm of James Macillo, and Project Picture Works, YIP.

Project Picture Works is represented by CAA and Attorney Lawrence I. Weinberg. Pan is CAA and Hirsch Wallerstein, Palmer from CAA, and Wildermuth from ICM.

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