Season 3 of Squid will look very different if director Hwang gets his way

Following the huge Emmy wins for “The Squid Game,” Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed at a press conference that season three could potentially feature some big Hollywood actors. Since the show is now owned by Netflix the most popular series of all time, the streaming service has increased the budget for Season 2. Assuming Season 2 is as successful, if not more successful than Season 1, Season 3’s budget could be significantly higher. High enough to bring some of Hollywood’s biggest actors on board.

One actor that Hwang targeted in Season 3? Leonardo DiCaprio. The creator of ‘Squid Game’ revealed that he has spoken to the legendary actor many times, who is a big fan of the show. According to Hwang, they previously joked about DiCaprio joining the cast. “Maybe if time and chances allow, we should ask him to join the game. We already joked about it,” Hwang said at a press conference (via Term).

Hwang stated that there are no Hollywood actors in the second season. He’s already hinted at what’s to come, but as long as the Korean setting is maintained, the series will feature Korean actors. That could change a lot if Netflix green-lights a third season, as DiCaprio isn’t the only Hollywood actor to have told him they loved the series, according to Hwang.

Production on the second season of Squid Game will begin next year, with a Netflix release scheduled for 2024.

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