See Christian Siriano Call Out a Rude Project Runway Contestant

This catwalk is becoming Katie.

In a special sneak peek tonight. Project Runway Season 19 Premiere, Thursday, October 14 at 9 p.m., Patron. Christian Seriano. Goes from foot to toe with the competitor. Bones During the team challenge

“I came here. Help You said, “Christians pressured like bones didn’t respond.” I would love to give you feedback but there is no problem if you do not need them. ”

Bones replied, “But we’re still a team. We all have to decide how we feel.”

And his partner, fellow designer. پرجا۔ Feels like bones shouldn’t speak for the group. “The bones are very ugly, and definitely out of line,” Praja admitted.

Back in the workroom, Christian Counter Bones points. “I mean, I don’t have to stay here because there are problems with each of them,” the A-list designer applauded. “So you guys have to work on it before you even get an opinion, because it’s crazy.”

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