See Danger! star Mayim Bialik changes looks from savant chic to glamorous hostess with the most

MAYIM Bialik had the best of intentions when she was named Jeopardy! host in 2021.

The former child star who went on to become an accomplished neuroscientist deliberately toned down her clothing style to reflect the mind game show mantra of brain over beauty.


Amy dresses conservatively1 credit
She was applauded for her change of style


She was applauded for her change of style1 credit

But the waning tone has many fans blacking out, complaining that the 46-year-old’s clothing choices were just bland and boring.

And fans of the show spent a field day in February 2022 pointing out that Mayim wore the same orange sweater blazer on two different shows when she hosted a regular daytime episode and then a primetime college national championship.

On a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Mayim laughed as she promised not to make the same mistakes twice.

“I will never wear this blazer again. That’s all. Ready!” she exclaimed, adding that male co-hosts like Ken Jennings find it easier to change their schedule.

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Mayim Bialik of Jeopardy!  puts on sweatpants and removes make-up

“I mean, look, the men in these positions also change their clothes every episode. But they wear a blue suit, a black suit, a gray suit, and they just change ties,” Mayim said. “It’s less noticeable.”


When first invited as a guest in June 2021, Mayim is a former Big Bang Theory star who also holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience, admitted she didn’t want her wardrobe to define her.

In an exclusive interview with the portal Danger! facebook pageMayim spoke about the motives behind her outfits:

“I really just wanted to look like the academic I was taught,” she explained. “And for me it means some formality and decorum.

And also, with great respect to Alex Trebek, I present him in a suit, in a blazer.


She eventually settled on her own unique look, which she felt reflected both her own values ​​and those of a fallen legend.

“I wanted to choose things that flattered me and that I felt comfortable in.” she continued. “And as an actress, you almost never have those things.

“I also wanted to bring in a bit of flair, but not too much.”

But instinct was not enough, and the fans returned fire.


After a swap with former champion Ken Jennings, Mayim returned to the podium in April with a complete makeover.

Gone are the cold glasses, ears and shoes. Replace with stylized straight hair and a new set of glasses.

Finally, the fans approved.

On Instagram, one friend wrote: “Maim, you look amazing! I love my hair like this.”

Anothd added: “Cute hair!!!”

On Twitter, another commented, “God, you look great! I love your hair!”

Till another fan said, “So glad to enjoy you on Jeopardy again! By the way, you look amazing!!”

“The one who puts down Mayim, bravo!! You should get a promotion. The differences are subtle but perfect!” someone else added.


In early May, Mayim took over as host again as Ken went on a long hiatus.

Days before her debut, she showed off an even bigger change, this time swapping out her glasses for dark eyeshadow.

Mayim posted to her Instagram stories a photo of herself smiling while taking a mirror selfie.

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She was wearing a black shirt, no glasses, shiny lipstick and dark eye makeup.

Her short, shoulder-length hair was wavy as she lifted her head.

Mayim's wardrobe in The Big Bang Theory was as conservative and casual as she was.


Mayim’s wardrobe in The Big Bang Theory was as conservative and casual as she was.1 credit
She was ridiculed online for wearing the same orange sweater on two different episodes of the show.


She was ridiculed online for wearing the same orange sweater on two different episodes of the show.1 credit
Since then, she has undergone major changes in fashion.


Since then, she has undergone major changes in fashion.1 credit

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