See Lala Kent & Charli Burnett’s Explosive Pump Rules Fight

It seems that not all. Wonder pump rules Apply evenly …

Charlie Burnett And Lala Cantt. Go to the double standard in between. Bravo In today’s episode aired on October 5, the stars in the special sneak peek.

When did it all start? James Kennedy He apologized for the ways of his past wild child on the way to redemption. James admitted, “I don’t want to come as a couple where I’m bringing her down, dragging her, I’m a relationship problem kid.” “And she always puts a hat on me or corrects my mistakes. It reflects badly on me.”

In a confession, James’s fiance. Raquel Lewis He added, “And it reflects badly on me, as I may be a kind, sweet person but oh, her boyfriend is a little crazy.”

Tom Schwartz. Appreciated James’ emotional development and self-awareness. “Two years ago, I said it was the King’s broken record,” revealed Tom’s co-founder. “I could hear with one ear and roll my eyes. But right now I feel like you’ve made the leap.”

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