See what model Olivia Culpo was wearing when the airline called her outfit “inappropriate” and required her to “wear a blouse.”

LOOK at Olivia Culpo’s outfit when the airline said she couldn’t fly unless she “put on a blouse.”

The former Miss Universe was intercepted by an American Airlines crew before boarding a flight to Cabo San Lucas.


American Airlines made Olivia change her outfitCredit: Aurora Culpo/Instagram
They called her casual look


They called her casual look “inappropriate” so she added a hoodie.Credit: Aurora Culpo/Instagram

Olivia, 29, ran into trouble when she went on vacation with her sister Aurora and boyfriend Christian McCaffrey.

Aurora took over stories from instagram while at the airport on Thursday to share my wild experience trying to board a flight to Mexico.

“Olivia and I are going to Cabo and look at her outfit,” the model’s sister said to the camera before turning to show Olivia’s threads.

The pageant star turned to reveal her look, which consisted of black cycling shorts, a black bralette and a long loose black sweater.

Aurora continued, “She looks cute, she looks appropriate, doesn’t she?

“They call her to the check-in desk and tell her to put on a blouse or she won’t be able to get on the plane,” she explained.

“Tell me it’s not so fucked up,” the blonde complained.

Olivia re-shared the post to her story, adding the caption, “Oh no, I’m confused lol. Is this inappropriate/offensive?

The TV presenter then changed into a baggy hoodie that covered her entire figure before finding someone in the crowd who had an outfit similar to her first look.

Aurora then continued filming, including the doppelgänger, saying, “She looks pretty and they don’t care, but she needs to cover up,” before pointing the camera at her sister again.


Olivia rose to fame after winning Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA and Miss Universe in 2012.

The pageant queen and her brother were joined by her boyfriend, North Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, for their trip to Cabo.


News of their relationship began when they started following each other on Instagram, but remained silent until October 2019.

Christian is considered the highest paid running back in the NFL after signing a $64 million contract with the Panthers in April 2020, which included a $21.5 million signing bonus.

The couple met through mutual friends, but Miss Universe 2012 winner Culpo had doubts about dating another athlete.

She previously dated Nick Jonas in 2013, former NFL player Tim Tebow in 2015, and NFL player Danny Amendola from 2016 to 2018.

Olivia finally gave in and the couple became official in June 2019.


In 2020, the TV star went public about her “harrowing” diagnosis of endometriosis in a series of Instagram Stories.

The model said she was experiencing painful symptoms and urged others to take the disorder “seriously”.

Olivia signed photo of myself lounging on the couch, “I’ve never talked about this publicly before, but I have endometriosis. AKA the most excruciating painful cramps/menses.

“Anyone else reading this with Endo? No pleasure.”

The Miss USA winner then elaborated on her experience with the condition and said, “I can’t believe that many of you also have endometriosis.

“It’s not so fun, it hurts a lot.”

Olivia won Miss Universe in 2012.


Olivia won Miss Universe in 2012.1 credit
She and Christian have been together since 2019.


She and Christian have been together since 2019.Credit: Social media – contact the source
Olivia opens up about her struggle with endometriosis


Olivia opens up about her struggle with endometriosisCredit: see signature
NFL star Christian McCaffrey poses for a photo with fans at Super Bowl LIV Radio Row.

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