See which guest stars hated their show time (and those who loved it)

It used to be Friends and The Big Bang TheoryJerry Seinfeld pretty much defined what a modern sitcom should look like with his eponymous NBC show. Seinfeld The series aired online from July 1989 to May 1998, for a total of 180 episodes over nine seasons.

Seinfeld played the main character, a fictional version of himself. Other major actors were Julia Louis-Dreyfus as his ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes, Michael Richards as his neighbor Cosmo Kramer and Jason Alexander as his childhood best friend George Costanza. This piece was based on the experiences of the comedian Larry David.

As with any show that has run for almost ten years on television, Seinfeld there were some very memorable guest stars. Unsurprisingly, not all of them enjoyed spending time on the program. Here’s a look at the actors who did the episodes they didn’t really like … and some who really liked it.

eight I hate it: Heidi Swedberg

Susan Ross in scene from
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Heidi Swedberg’s role Seinfeld there could be much more than one episodic part. She was invited to play the role of George’s girlfriend, Susan Ross. She found that the centerpiece on the show was a very close-knit group, and if you don’t speak up right away, the consequences can be fatal.

Louis-Dreyfus’s simple comment about how difficult it was to work with Swedberg was a death sentence for her character. “Don’t you just want to kill her?” the actress reportedly asked. Seinfeld did it and killed Susan


7 Hate: Megan Mullally

Like Swedberg, Megan Mullally is another actress who has had much more than Seinfeld worried. There was nothing wrong with her appearance as Betsy, George’s ex-girlfriend in Episode 19 of Season 4.

However, Seinfeld admitted that she had a strong claim to the role of Elaine but lost to Louis-Dreyfus. Her eventual small role pales in comparison to the 169 episodes she could play as Elaine. RELATED: Meghan Malulo regrets this incident between her and Donald Trump

6 Favorite: Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau as a cameo clown in
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Today, Jon Favreau is an experienced filmmaker, actor and comedian. This is not the case when he did a cameo. Seinfeld back in 1994. Before that, he played only two years, and this was his first role on television.

Even then, he only played the clown in episode 20 of season 5. Perhaps it was only a small role, but as they say, you will never forget your first one.

5 I Hate: Al Roker

Al Roker's journalist
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Renowned NBC meteorologist Al Rocker once starred in episode 10 of season 5 titled Indian cigar shop. Although his role was limited to just a few minutes, Rocker has since seen the entire episode in a completely different light.

Without expressing Seinfeld’s overt criticism, the journalist has since denounced the racial overtones against Native Americans present in the episode.

4 Favorite: James Spader

James Spader’s characters are very recognizable. From Alan Shore in Boston Legal and Practice to the later Raymond Reddington at Black list, they all carry a unique flavor: it always adds a little stupidity to even the most serious characters.

This may be why he worked very well as Robert California in Office… The same can be said for his only memorable cameo as Jason “Stinky” Hankey in Seinfeld back in 97. RELATED: Al Roker slaps haters in the face, claiming he is too old to report a hurricane

3 Hated: Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider as Bob in his cameo in Seinfeld
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Rob Schneider worked for six years in Saturday nightlife under his belt when he took on the role of guest star on Seinfeld in season 7, he played a character named Bob Grossberg, a new collaborator with Elaine, who had a hearing impairment. Elaine doesn’t think the problem is real, suspecting that he is only pretending to avoid work.

The character was not very popular with viewers, who generally considered his story arc flat and unfunny.

2 Favorite: Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox with Jerry Seinfeld in
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Fans fell in love with Courteney Cox as Monica Geller on the series. Friends… What most of them might not have known is that Monica might not have been who she was if Cox hadn’t had a short experience. Seinfeld… She was also only in one episode of how Seinfeld’s girlfriend called Merrill.

She, however, managed to catch how the film partners supported each other and carried the same spirit in Friends… “I’ve just Seinfeldand they all help each other, ”she reportedly told her new colleagues.”[So] feel free to tell me. If I could do something funnier, I would like to do it. “

one I Hate: Denise Richards

Denise Richards cameo in Seinfeld
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Starship Troopers star Denise Richards was 21 years old when she starred in an episode of season 4 of the series Seinfeld… She portrayed the 15-year-old daughter of a character named Russell Dalrymple. This is where things got a little weird. In her role there was a scene in which she had to bend over, revealing the cleavage.

Russell catches George looking at her and is reprimanded for it. Although Richards was old enough as an actor to play such a role, the subtext of a grown man staring at a teenager is enough to make anyone cringe. NEXT: The Ellen Show Guests May Regret Their Interviews

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