Seinfeld episode Jason Alexander blames for show’s success

Jason Alexander, while filming the pilot for The Seinfeld Chronicles, believed that the show would not be popular. The actor admitted to telling Jerry Seinfeld, “I think the number one show in America right now is Alf. If it’s the number one show in America, who’s going to watch it?” as quoted Den of geeks. But Alexander believes that the cheeky season 4 episode “Competition” turned the show’s popularity upside down and proved him wrong.

The “contest” centers around a bet between Jerry, George, Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) on how long they can go without masturbation. The episode unfolds masterfully as each character fails, whether it’s because of JFK Jr. or the exhibitionist neighbor.

The word “masturbate” is not used in this episode. official videoNBC’s censors felt it was inappropriate, but it may have made the episode a lot funnier. Alexander told Larry King in 2014 that the episode aired just as the show’s new timeslot after “Cheers” helped “Seinfeld” in the ratings. “The next day it became national news and from that moment on we sailed beautifully,” he said. The script, which also helped to popularize the expression “master of my domain”, even received Emmy Award for the show.

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