Selena Gomez reprimanded for not taking music industry seriously after losing big Latin Billboard Awards

Singer. Selena Gomez He has undoubtedly proved to be a versatile talent. Star Gained fame first Flexing his comedy chips on the Disney Channel. The Wizards of Worley Place. Experiment with the genre before becoming a major part of the pop music scene, as well as releasing its Spanish EP. Revivalcon. Earlier this year, Gomez returned to acting with the recently acclaimed Hulu series. Only murder in the building.

But some fans of the “same old love” singer have been disappointed by her apparent focus on her television career, which she thinks has left the music industry.

Disappointment came last night when a lot of fans. Impatient speculation That Gomez will take home many accolades from the Latin Billboard Awards. Revelation. But despite losing in all its nominated categories, including Pop Album of the Year and Artist of the Year, the star did not attend the prestigious event.

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A Twitter user lamented Gomez’s departure from his music career, writing: “Selena could have literally gone to the Billboard Latin Awards and gave us a great performance, especially Bella Conmego. [as] She also nominated, they praised her art, yet she is choosing not to participate at all, I do not know how long she will continue to work.

While another tweeted, “I don’t understand Selena sometimes, she says she doesn’t feel appreciated in the music industry and then all of a sudden when Latin Billboards nominated her in 3 major categories she decided that she Don’t go and pay, his whole life is in the dust. ”

This is not the first time Gomez has been rumored to be retiring from music. Star Addressed speculation In a ___ Vogue Interview back in May, where he suggested that he might “retire from music” to get “a real shot at acting.” Although later. He clarified that this will be only a temporary break.To say Elle“I don’t think I’ll ever give up making music.”

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But fans of the star are skeptical that Gomez will return to the industry wholeheartedly, with some even noticing that Only murder in the building.Also has a multi-hypnotized performer. Its cosmetics line, Rare beauty., To focus on. One Twitter user complained, “The only way we see Selena is through rare beauty promotional videos.”

However, Other fans have speculated. That Gomez’s decision not to attend award shows, such as Latin Billboards, is evidence of the star’s mental health. Of Spring Holidays The actress has spoken out in the past about her struggles with anxiety and depression and has even taken long breaks in her care to take care of herself.

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