Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn opens up about postpartum depression

In nearly every episode, Christine is congratulated on her body by her costar and friends. When she made her first appearance on the show after giving birth, one costar was shocked at how “younger” she looked. And in another episode, two weeks after giving birth, another said: “Look at you! When did you have this baby? Honestly, I think you lied to me.”

“The problem I was facing is being extroverted, everyone was saying, ‘Oh, she’s so skinny, she’s so, she’s so,'” Christine said of the comments. “But inside, I was dealing with PTSD.”

It was the comments, along with a particular scene on the show where the new mom appeared to be doing yoga just weeks after a traumatic birthing experience that sparked backlash on social media, with claims she would never get pregnant. was in the first place and instead secretly used a surrogate.

Christine has since To close These theories, call them “fucking sick.”

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