Seven Biggest Allegations Revealed During Colin Rooney and Rebecca Vardy’s Dramatic Wagat Trial

It was a battle that swept the nation for three years when Colin Rooney and Rebecca Vardy went head to head in a sensational lawsuit.

Drama erupted back in 2019 when Colleen had a “surgery” to find out who was leaking stories about her to the press.


The saga of Colin vs. Rebecca keeps the nation in aweCredit: Splash News

In the infamous post, she finally revealed, “This is… Rebecca Vardy’s account.”

The internet exploded with memes when Colleen was branded “Wagata Christie” thanks to her detective work.

As the violence against her escalated, Rebecca dismissed the claims and filed a £3 million lawsuit against her rival Wag.

The two-week affair began in March with a series of high-profile statements when Colin and Rebecca finally came face to face.

Rooney faces awkward reunion with Vardy when Derby play Leicester in pre-season
Colleen's portfolio is revealed as Becky refers to her as

Colleen emerged victorious after Mrs. Judge Stein delivered her long-awaited decision today.

Here are the most shocking moments of Vagata’s epic trial.

Tears of Rebekah

Acting as a witness, Rebecca repeatedly broke down and even forced the case to be stopped so she could recover.

The mother-of-five wept as she told how she had to endure “hurtful and upsetting” insults from trolls after Wagatha’s post went viral.

Rebecca also sobbed as she told how her baby was born in December 2019 – just two months after Colleen’s post.

Her tears continued as she was accused of lying after she denied paparazzi staged a photo of the Wags during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

She was also criticized for “selective amnesia” after she said she did not identify herself as “the unofficial leader of the Wags”.

Catastrophic evidence led Ms. Judge Stein to chastise Colin’s lawyer David Sherborne for his “unnecessary” ridicule.

“Chipolata” by Peter Andre

It turned out that no one was immune from the fact that their names will be smeared with mud during the trial of the explosives case.

Peter André was forced to defend himself, as his masculinity became the source of much speculation.

Peter Andre was forced to defend himself


Peter Andre was forced to defend himself

Rebecca referred to his genitals as “chipolata” in the 2004 story “Kiss and Tell” about the Mysterious Girl singer.

She apologized to the star for her “shameful” remark and called it “one of my biggest regrets.”

In retaliation, Peter said he was ridiculed for his masculinity for 15 years after Rebecca stated that he had “the smallest pants she’s ever seen”.

Who is Davy Jones?

After an agonizing morning spent in the dock defending Rebekah, there was a slight relief in the form of a mysterious maritime reference.

Mr Sherborne was asking about the fact that Rebecca’s agent Caroline Watt lost her phone in the North Sea a few days after she was ordered to take it to court.

The lawyer said, “We know that Ms. Watt’s phone is in Davy Jones’s locker now, don’t we, Mrs. Vardy?”

Rebecca, clearly confused, replied, “Sorry, I don’t know who Davy Jones is.”

As the people in the room burst into laughter, the judge explained that it was an idiomatic name for the seabed.

Leicester Leicester

It was revealed that Rebecca asked her agent to tell the story of football player Danny Drinkwater being arrested for drunk driving in 2019.

The court heard via text messages how she told the whole story to her agent, demanding, “I want to pay for this.”

When told that someone had already alerted the reporters, Rebecca replied, “F***… I’m mad I didn’t give it to you sooner.”

It turned out that none of Jamie’s husband’s teammates were closed to Rebecca.

She also tried to “do dirty deeds” and spill the beans about the unrest in the Leicester dressing room after Riyad Mahrez “went on strike”.

Rebecca told Ms. Watt, “Mahrez didn’t show up for practice again… the guys are pissed off.”

Jamie vs Wayne

It wasn’t just the women who fought on the court with former England teammates Wayne and Jamie also joining the ranks.

Wayne was the first to intervene when he sensationally stated that he had been asked to speak to Jamie about Rebecca back at Euro 2016 in France.

The player was approached by former England manager Roy Hogdson and assistant coach Gary Neville, who begged him to talk to the striker.

Wayne and Jamie had their own drama


Wayne and Jamie had their own drama

He said that there was “negative media coverage” around Rebecca and “issues” that were “causing problems and distracting attention”.

Wayne added: “They asked me, as captain, if I could talk to Mr. Vardy about his wife, and I think we all knew it was an uncomfortable topic.

“I need to talk to Mr. Vardy and ask him to talk to his wife and ask him to say to ask his wife to calm down.”

He continued: “It was an awkward situation for me and I’m sure it was an awkward situation for Mr. Vardy, but I felt it was in the best interest of the team.”

But Jamie quickly denied the accusations and even issued a statement outside of court.

He said, “Wayne is talking nonsense.

“He must be confused because he never spoke to me about the problems with Becky’s work with the media at Euro 2016.

“There was nothing to talk about, I know this, because I discuss everything with Becky.”

Marriage problems Colleen

In a candid confession, Colleen opened up about her 14-year marriage to Wayne as she testified.

She was asked about Wayne’s DUI arrest in 2017 when he was caught driving a party girl’s car.

Rebecca’s lawyer Hugh Tomlinson QC said it was “another obvious crisis” in their relationship and that the ex-United star “behaved badly”.

Colleen spoke about the problems in marriage


Colleen spoke about the problems in marriageCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

Colleen added: “Yes, there were a few. Unfortunately, things like this have happened in my life.

“They get publicity and it has happened quite a few times.

“I figured it out, we figured it out as a couple and as a family.

“There have been a few things in those few years.”

She also revealed how she found herself in a “vulnerable situation” after Wayne was arrested after drinking for ten hours.

Colleen called his behavior “some kind of misdemeanor” and said she was “not sure if they would get back together” and said they spent time apart.

Rebecca’s fight with Sarah Harding

The court was told how Rebecca fell out with Sarah Harding after the Girls Aloud star caught her in a handbag photo.

Wag was allegedly seen grabbing the contents of Sarah’s bag after she fell to the ground at the 2018 National Television Awards.

The story of the quarrel appeared at the time in several national newspapers, including Kristen Bell Tattoos.

Sarah accused Rebecca of taking pictures of the contents of her purse.


Sarah accused Rebecca of taking pictures of the contents of her purse.

Colleen made a statement in her testimony, saying, “She also got into a fight with former Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding during the 2018 event because Sarah apparently caught Becky taking pictures of the contents of Sarah’s purse when Sarah dropped it on the floor. . floor.”

Sources at the time claimed that Sarah ran into Rebecca after seeing “camera flash” and Wag standing next to her phone.

The singer, who tragically passed away last year after battling breast cancer, reportedly accused her of taking pictures as she packed her things.

Reports claimed that Rebecca demanded an apology from Sarah and it got “hot”.

Even court sketches entertained the British


Even court sketches entertained the BritishCredit: Julia Quenzler
Rebekah broke down on the bench


Rebekah broke down on the bench1 credit
Colin started the sting operation in 2019.


Colin started the sting operation in 2019.1 credit

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