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This Broadway The season, as it stopped and started, has been rewarded with some really great moments – and fortunately seen with fewer disappointments. Dynamic to pass. An ideal veil to wake up an industry. Lacavana Blues. Felt like a tonic, and Is this room? Under Trump, there is still work to be done.

And as admirable as the productions were and are, everything feels a bit like the remarkable Canon Scott II Thoughts of a man of color. Opens, the first fully realized reflection of the closed era. A play of immense empathy and deep insight, with overcoming the dreams and frustrations of its characters, Thoughts of a man of color. There is a pine Life is both a survival and a celebration, a tribute to black men who seek beauty, dignity, frustration and encouragement wherever they can.

Spoken words, sound poetry, hilarious comedy, drama and razor sharp dialogue, Scott’s words are directed by Steve H. Broadnex III who are so cute that they breathe. Both the playwright and the director are newcomers to Broadway, and theirs. Thoughts of a man of color. There is a perfection from beginning to end

Set in a Brooklyn neighborhood that is beginning to feel the changes of softness, the play tells the stories of seven black men who share both space and heritage. Each character remains anonymous until the end of the play – with one exception, which will not go bad here – although what is revealed is not really the names of the characters’ themes. One calls himself love, another happiness, another wisdom, and so on.

Da Vinci, Dylan Burnside.
Julieta Servants.

Names, however, do not limit the letters, do not group them into neat marks, but serve as themes to find them, starting point to consider the diverse and complex factors that make them Encourage, frustrate and encourage. For example, a character known as List is not merely a form of sexual obsession, a humorous, layering hunter, but a young man whose desire for a relationship is the most eloquent and realistic in body.

Presenting yourself alone and in a variety of groups – the latter happily arriving at a scene set up in a neighborhood store – are:

  • Love (Dyllón Burnside) and Lust (Da’Vinchi), boyhood friends, given to one poet, to touch the other, and each devoted to the other through good times and bad;
  • Happiness (Brian Terrell Clark), a boogie gay man who has just moved in, is taking a condo with her boyfriend to a new high-rise building that is not completely welcome in the neighborhood.
  • Hikmat (Eso Perchet), a barber shop owner and veteran of the 60’s and 70’s black power movements, a mentor and leader who lives up to expectations.
  • Passion (Luke James), a young teacher who is happy to share his knowledge and enthusiasm about life with his “126 children”.
  • Depression (Forest McClendon), a lousy intellectual who dropped out of a MIT scholarship to take care of his ailing mother, and now works off the shelf stock in Whole Foods.
  • Enger (Tristan McWilds), a once hopeful basketball player, is now dedicated to coaching student players who have all the opportunities they will never have again.

In one photo after another, portrayed as a day in the life of this Brooklyn neighborhood, the characters – beautifully portrayed by a perfect couple on a New York stage – are so alive and so authentic. Come to life with that we were constantly caught unexpectedly by the guard. Happiness, for example, begins its day with a walk, a tour of its new neighborhood – it’s actually south, by way of Manhattan – and in doing so demands that we See the old roads with your own eyes. Later, when this newcomer first came to the barber shop, his anxiety – coming out, or not coming out – was described in the second part of the pure comic inspiration with such punches that the audience applauded the reviewed performance. They all laughed and stopped the scene.

In the shoe line: Tristan McWilds, Dylan Burnside, Forest McClendon, Da Vinci
Julieta Servants.

It seems random and unfair to select other references and mullahs here, but since then. Thoughts Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way.

  • Addressing the audience angrily as he stocks grocery shelves and museums that the store’s corridors are “cotton fields”, shows an inner life that its customers will never understand. He advises them, and tells us, “You can talk to someone intelligent. You can talk to someone. I. ”
  • A debate about the cultural significance of the new Air Jordans, as the debate unfolded, with an insurmountable sense of real conversation, such as anger, love, depression and lust awaiting the latest release Presented, not one, they are unaware of the implications and nuances of these items of trade and beauty.
  • In a slam critique of trying to make his way to countless audition rails, Anger recalls his glorious days on the basketball court, repeating intermittently with the delivery of “Man, I use it well.” The heartbreaking and exciting effect ends like a good Jordan. When I step on the court, the stars will straighten, the world will stop spinning, gravity will disappear, and I will jump high. Dude, I used it well.

The massively empty stage is beautifully illuminated (with Swan Ortel’s projection design that incorporates Brooklyn realism and thrives pantherly, and with all rights reserved, especially for this art form.) The Tony Awards category call should resume) for example almost literally: in a stunning setting that sees Burnside Leo recite a poem against a starry night sky but with that, The audience is surrounded by pinpoint lights, a rebellion theater that brings all aspects of the production – Scott’s words, the direction of Broadnex, the visual and oral design and the actor’s extremely fluid grace – together in a moment of pure transcendence. ۔ Remembering a love at first sight, “I caught my moon smoke and cloud pellet,” and began to add stars to my masterpiece.

Surprisingly, this is not the only moment, but naming them all will be an attempt to play drama here from beginning to end. Don’t overdo it: Thoughts of a man of color. Omar is one of the best newcomers to Broadway. Pre-epidemic disease Age, clarity – like the funny, violent, complex and wise seven men and their off-stage companions who breathe it.

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