Sex And The City Reboot: Carrie Bradshaw’s Outfits In And Just Like That

As soon as we heard the news earlier this summer that. Sex & City was making a reboot.We would lie if we said our minds didn’t. Immediately Run wild, imagining organizations.

Of course, we took a moment. Mourn the absence of our dear friend Samantha Jones. – who will not return to the cast. And just like that., Allegedly past tensions with Sarah Jessica Parker. – But our minds quickly returned to the wardrobe.

Miranda and Charlotte will no doubt bring some important moments, but it is, of course, Shape of Carrie Bradshaw Which has burned the imagination of the internet.

Will she still love LBD? Will the hemlines still be short? Will she still have the best accessories in the game? Will she add newspaper covers? Will * she * wear a tutu worthy of the title sequence spin?

Lots of questions, and – so far – very few answers. But we have * some * answers, due to some clever sneak peeks into the reboot closet during filming.

Highlights? Some. Very Identifiable fragments that have been cleverly reintroduced. And just like that..

A. Sustainable statement Or just some good old-fashioned memories? Either way (or both!), We’re here for it.

So which pieces did Kerry recycle for reboot?

1. * In * Menolus

Would it really be Carrie Brad Shaw if she didn’t? They Manolo Blahank Hangsi pumped that Big famously used as the first sex and the second suggestion in the City movie? Truth be told, we were much more adamant that the pumps should come back. Mr. Big himself.

2. Studded belt.

One of the first glimpses of the new set, the belt attached by Straits Aid, was spotted by curious spectators who immediately recognized the importance of the waist. Initially dressed with various outfits in the movie Sex and the City, the new reboot features Carrie paired with a pink Carolina Herrera shirt.

3. Fendi Baguette.

What were we saying about these accessories? Kerry seems to have wisely invested in replacing the epic purple second-hand baguette bag that was memorably stolen in season three.

4. Flower brooch.

An accessory that only * true * fans might remember, this blue floral brooch that was originally worn in season three, episode two (we warned you – only the truth Fans …) have also made an appearance. Of course, the look has been updated, thanks to the switch from a fur coat to a super chic cream blazer.

Keep an eye on this page as we keep it up to date with all the fashion moments. And just like that..

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