Sex Lives of College Girls: Midori Francis Interview

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in our Q&A series last CallIn this article, we go to the bottom of every last thing with some of our favorite celebs – from the last time they were starstruck to the last song they listened to. This week, Midori Francis pick up our phone.

sex life of college girls so good – so good that we’re getting a second season, HBO Max follows the life of the series four girls – Pauline Chalamet (Kimberly), Amrit Kaur (Bella), Renee Rapp (Leighton), and Aaliyah Chanel Scott (Whitney) – as they Navigate love, life and friendship As a freshman at the prestigious Essex College. “But only through circumstance, through circumstance, they find so many connections and develop empathy for each other, and you’re really preparing them to be friends,” sex life of college girls Star Midori Francis Told POPSUGAR – Who can describe it better?

The series’ complicated relationship stems from Leighton’s slow irritation and eventual frivolity with Alicia, played by Midori. Leighton and Alicia may not be apart anymore, but their dominant personalities and journey of vulnerability did create some serious shipping. Midori caught up with POPSUGAR to discuss the “spark you can’t deny” between her character and Renee and what makes their relationship work.

“There’s that great feeling of [Alicia and Leighton] Both are alphabets that I think people find really attractive.”

When playing Alicia, Midori shared, “I found it all very exciting and meaningful.” However, at first, Midori admitted that she didn’t understand what her character saw in Renee. “What, besides the fact that they two are gay, makes Alicia look like Leighton?” He thought at first. “And then eventually I think it became very clear,” Midori said. “They’re two people [who] stand up for each other. , , Both are like alphabets that I think people find really attractive.” I’m totally Alicia and Leighton’s team — has anyone named a good ship yet?

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Hopefully, the second season of the hit series will answer all our questions about Leighton and Alicia’s relationship. Midori told us ahead of the season two announcement, “I’m excited to see — if the story continues — how their friendship continues to deepen and if they find themselves challenged at any point. Because you know, a lot. Something may change from new year to senior year.” Speak it out loud for the people in the back! Plus, does this mean that we’ll see Kimberly, Bella, Leighton, Whitney, and Alicia finish college? We can only hope.

binge sex life of college girls Read on, and the rest of Midori’s Last Call interview on HBO Max.

what was your last day of filming sex life of college girls Like?

We were shooting for a very important scene and in the middle it started raining. And then we’re like “Oh no!” Like in a small van. And then we came back the next day to finish it. So it was painful! But in the end, it ended on a really positive note. I remember the scenes that Renee and I ended up with were really cool. I gave everyone small gift bags filled with these mixed drink alcoholic items, and everyone seemed so thrilled in the process of receiving an alcoholic beverage at the time.

What was the last thing you did with your costars?

was off set at the premiere, which was not so long ago. We all sat down and did the carpet together, and Renica Williams, who plays Willow, is actually coming over Thursday night to watch the finale with me. We both live in New York.

Which is the last song you heard?

Last I listened to Arcade Fire’s “Everything Now”.

What’s the last song you sang in the shower?

I have a special person with me here in New York who doesn’t spend as much time in New York as I do. And we’re doing a lot of New York activities. So I’ve been in the spirit of New York. I think it was Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”.

Which is the last show that you watched over and over again?

white Lotus, I just got into it. I’m always a little late.

what’s the last thing you texted one of your sex life of college girls co stars?

i texted [Reneé] Screenshot of a joke I wrote on Twitter. Like, “Am I not that funny?” Because I’m not really on Twitter. but through the process of sex lives, Alicia’s fans have swelled. I started tweeting, and I made my second joke, and I was really proud of it.

What is the last book you read?

minority sentiment, in which I was late again.

What was the last thing you did for self-care?

I made this bath with this oatmeal—it sounds gross, but it’s not—the bath salts I found at the Christmas market to soothe my feet. Because yesterday I actually walked 20,000 steps, because I’m doing a whole lot of New York work.

What last trip did you go on?

Indiana to see my mom and dad, who recently moved there for my dad’s job.

When was the last time you were starstruck?

I feel [The Sex Lives of College Girls] Premiered by Mindy Kaling.

What is the last piece of advice you got that changed your life?

I recently saw a documentary in which Tony Bennett said, “Life teaches you how to live it, if you live it long enough.” And for whatever reason, it hit me hard.

What was the last time you ordered online?

I ordered paper towels and toilet paper because I was buying them off a single roll. , , Cheap ones that don’t last long, and I was like, enough.

What’s the last picture on your camera roll?

This happens all the time. I accidentally take too many screenshots in a row, and I have five of them [photo], this is [a search of] The best pop hits from 2010 to 2021. and that song “wild love” Highlighted for whatever reason.

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