Shark Week 2022 reveals something unexpected about Cape Cod

Although many sharks call the waters of the Atlantic Ocean their home, many forget that Cape Cod is teeming with predators: two dozen were spotted over the past weekend (via Shark Week 2022 plans to light up the area with a single show called Cape Monsters, in which shark scientists will test a new shark-repellent barrier in shark-infested waters. “It was probably one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done,” said marine biologist Craig O’Connell. Boston Herald about jumping into icy water 10 feet from a 15 foot big white. “I was completely amazed. He was so graceful and flew right at the barrier.”

Although the Atlantic Shark Institute noted that the number of white sharks in the Cape Cod region has increased by 24% compared to last year, scientists are not sure if this is due to successful conservation efforts or more transmitters on sharks in the waters than ever. either before. (by using Boston Globe). For viewers interested in the Cape Cod shark explosion, another show, The Great White Crossing, will actually talk about the growing numbers of great white sharks in the Cape Cod area following the fatal 2018 Arthur Medici shark attack, the first shark bite linked death at 82 of the year.

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