Shawn Mendes Has the Last Laugh on Viral “Giving Cher” Moment

Sean Mendes Haven’t heard the ending of “It’s Giving”. Rip. ”

Connor Wood Joke about the 23-year-old singer going viral Met Gala. Moment of a post shared on Tik Tok on Monday, October 4.

The video shows Mendes enjoying a drink. “Good beer,” Wood told him. “It’s a kind of giving. ShareSean then offered her a sip of the drink and they laughed.

“I think we should all contribute a little bit more,” Wood said in the title of the video. “@ Sean Mendes.”

So what exactly is he referring to? Three weeks ago, Vogue Filmed Mendes and Camilla Cabello Getting ready for the biggest night of fashion. “It’s tearing up,” Mendes said after seeing the “Havana” star’s bright purple Michael Kors collection dress.

The comment went viral. Sean Mendes, a social media user, says, “It’s tearing up.” Tweeted. Added. the second“I just bought Shawn’s tickets. It’s ripping !!”

even لزو۔ Tweeted about this comment – sharing a photo of himself standing with Mendes and. Writing“I’m always tearing up, ho.”

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