She-Hulk Episode 5 Recap: “Avengers Assemble”

We’re a little over halfway done on She-Hulk, but we still have plenty of time to develop the hate-hate relationship between Jen and Titania. But given the way this series is progressing, it doesn’t look like there’s a real villain on the show. The series seems to serve the purpose of Jennifer’s development for viewers, as we have five episodes without a bad guy. It’s a long way to go without a villain, especially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

More and more it feels like She-Hulk should be taken at face value, and it’s just a fun legal comedy that helps smash the stakes and seriousness of all the latest MCU projects. Even if Titania is our big villain, can we take her that seriously? She’s a joke without depth, but we’d do well to learn a little more about her origins in future episodes.

She-Hulk features some pretty stellar cameos and introduces us to some of the greatest side characters the MCU has ever seen. Let’s do an Avengers spin-off with Madisinn (Patty Guggenheim), Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga), Pug (Josh Segarra) and Emil Blonsky’s (Tim Roth) seven lovers.

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