Sheldon’s teen star Annie Potts opens up about Meemaw’s fate in Season 6

Annie Potts accepted Instagram July 26th to share some pictures from the set of Young Sheldon. Potts, dressed in Mimo’s usual glamorous togas and lounging on the couch in the Coopers’ living room, can watch Potts chill with her dog Nellie. There is no prison cell or bunk in the images, suggesting that Meemaw will be able to post bail during the first few episodes of Season 6.

Note that the picture does not spoil the fate of Georgie, which may well mean that her grandson is still in prison. Clogged Pores, A Little Spanish, and the Future never indicated whether Georgie and Meemaw were in jail north or south of the Mexican border, which could mean big trouble if the Cooper family had to cross the border to negotiate. the freedom of their families. Viewers will have to wait until Young Sheldon season 6 debuts on September 29th to find out.

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