Shonika Shandai talks on Megan Good Friendship Origin Story

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 01: (LR) Jerry Johnson, Grace Byers, Shonika Shandai and Megan Good join Prime Video

Shonika Shandai And Megan Good Play Best Friends on Angie and Camille harlemBut their bond goes beyond script. The two began their friendship in 2015 – although they probably didn’t predict at the time that it would become so solid. POPSUGAR recently caught up with Shonika Amazon Prime Video show premieres in Harlem, where he gives us details about his brotherhood with Megan, whom he describes as “the kindest person” he has met in his “entire life.”

,[Meagan] Truly the kindest heart I have ever met.”

Shonika recalled the day it all started, she told POPSUGAR, “In 2015, my friend was on the sets [Meagan], and he knows how much I love him. He gave her a video saying, ‘Hello, Shonika. I can’t wait to meet you, I wish you were here, we are going to work together.’ 2015.” Megan’s famous last words allowed viewers to see their friendship unfold on screen harlem and off screen when the cameras were not running. “He didn’t have to do that,” Shonika said. “She could just say, ‘Tell her I said hi’ … she’s been in the industry for so long.” Naturally, after hearing that story, my eyes went as blurry as you get when a couple tells you how they first met. The actor said,[Meagan] Truly the kindest heart I have ever met.”

Turns out, Megan and Shonika’s first meeting was remarkable too! “The first time she met me, we hugged in the bathroom, and she hugged me so furiously that I thought maybe she was mistaken for someone she recognized because this has happened to me before,” Idris Elba hugged once. Her thinking was “that was a wardrobe stylist she’d worked with before.”

outside hangouts harlem press event, you will See Shonika and Megan’s bonding on social media, fresh from the success of harlem, their professional relationship is also taking another step forward. think like a Man The star is directing a music video for Shonika’s upcoming R&B single, “Something About You”. As Megan previously told POPSUGAR, “Shonika and I talked on the phone and talked about our solo music. how am i going to direct the video, I’m looking at her mood board now and putting together what’s going to happen.” Cheers to more Shonika and Megan moments!

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