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FamilyThe CW’s reboot of the beloved ’80s ABC sitcom ended Friday night after five seasons. Here, showrunner Josh Rhams talks about it. Really I wanted to do the series finale, and how strange it was that there was never a rating for Sudser. Really Discussed

DEADLINE: Do you have enough time to plan a series finale?

Josh Rhams We originally planned a series finale and season finale, just in case. We basically worked twice.

Do you know what you want to do with marriage?

REIMS Which came near the end. For some reason we kept missing the season of weddings and we thought it would be fun to do it again. We thought Culhane (Robert C. Reilly) and Nina (Felisha Terrell) were the perfect couple to do that, and we liked the idea of ​​playing around and making viewers think it was Sam (Raphael De La Fuente) and Steven. (James McKay). , In the beginning.

Wait, how many seasons did you end up married?

REIMS I think there were like three and one in the middle. So we did many weddings.

Initially there were calls from fans to shop the show elsewhere. Was this ever a real possibility?

REIMS Uh, no, as far as I know, that was the last goodbye to the family, which is why we gave everyone the happy ending they deserved.

Richard Alan Shapiro and Esther Shapiro, who created the original. Familywere connected from the beginning. How involved were they during the show?

REIMS I took over running the show in season three and sat down, I think twice, with Esther Shapiro. I had lunch with him a couple of times and we talked about the show and he gave me his thoughts. She was very appreciative and very likeable, you know? Do what you think is best. I’m just gonna tell you what I think and you go with it. And then once Covid hit, that was the end of our lunch. We didn’t really communicate much after that. We looked at it as, let’s do our thing. And then, through the seasons we looked for places where we could honor the previous series. Like this season, we have full Crystal DOppelgänger The story, which literally deviated from the original. So we looked for places to respect the original, but still do our own thing.

Looking back over the past five seasons, which storyline are you most proud of?

REIMS DOppelgänger Story! I resisted doing it for a while, and then for some reason this season I was like, yeah, let’s do it. It was really fun. I loved doing the episodes where we tried different things, like where Liz [Elizabeth Gillies] She could sing, because she loved to do so. There weren’t too many limitations on what we could do. I might say, ‘I want to do a noir episode,’ and they’ll say, ‘Sure, go ahead.’ I took advantage of it.

Pictured (L – R): Elaine Hendricks as Alexis Carrington Colby, Eliza Bennett as Amanda Carrington, and Madison Brown as Kirby Anders — Photo: The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

REIMS In the finale, Steven returns. There is much debate in the room about whether Steven should kill Adam (Sam Underwood) or let him go. I wanted him to kill her, but it just didn’t feel right with the tone of the show. Deep down, I think a lot of the writers thought he deserved to be killed and we wanted to see Steven get his revenge. (Among other dastardly acts, Adam drugged Steven and forced him into asylum). I wouldn’t do it differently, but it was definitely something we considered.

Ratings-wise, the show didn’t do so well for the CW. But Netflix really made a difference in the series. What was he like for you?

REIMS It’s funny because it’s the first show I’ve ever been to or where there was literally no discussion about ratings, which was great. In season two, we shot in Paris and some of the actors came back and said it was crazy because people came on set and recognized them on the streets. That’s when we realized that internationally, there’s a crazy fan base. So when the Netflix lists came out and showed which countries we were number one in, we realized, ‘Oh, it’s bigger than just the CW’, which was good.

Looking back, did it cost a lot of marketing dollars to spread the word? Family? Or do you think it matters?

REIMS I don’t think it matters. I think people were just waiting for it to come out on Netflix. Online, people were asking when the show was premiering on Netflix. So it felt like by season three, at least there was already a built-in audience.

Reboots are very difficult. Would you ever do it again?

REIMS I would totally do it again. This was easy to do because of the fact that we did not ignore the origin. If we had to be more strict about what actually happened, it might not have been as fun and easy. He did an excellent job.

So that means you are going to reboot. Colby’s now?

REIM Absolutely. Or Falcon Crest.

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