Sima Liu brutally trolls Warner Bros. special Shang-Chi Holiday tweet

Tweet to Sim Liu specifically reads, “I’m sorry to tell you guys that Disney has decided to drop the Shang-Chi Holiday Special due to quality control issues. I’ve already filmed it all. I even designed Ta Lo, which is all gingerbread.” However, Marvel Studios or its parent company Disney has yet to announce any special Shang-Chi holiday event, so there are obvious winks as the “cancelled” project probably never existed.

However, many Twitter users took offense at the star’s tweet, noting that Batgirl’s creative team was likely still suffering from the cancellation and that Warner Bros. Discovery could set a dangerous new standard for the film and TV industry. User @yo_elmanolo was among them, demanding that Liu not only delete his tweet, but also add an apology video to it. Meanwhile, @CJ_Fera was one of several fans who considered the tweet in bad taste, simply stating “Disrespectful” with @brookstweetz soon adding: “I love you, but this is not something to be neglected. People crushed their dreams due to corporate greed. Every actor should be concerned.”

However, Liu had several protectors. @WilsonCleveland noting that the tweet was clearly not directed at Batgirl’s creative team: “People. Sim is dragged by the absurdity of the WB’s decision to cancel a $90 million film. It doesn’t drag actors, crew, or fans. you point it at someone who probably agrees with you.” Joke or not, Sim Liu’s tweet and Warner Bros.’s still-baffling decision. Discovery to shelve “Batgirl” continues to evoke very strong feelings among fans of superhero movies.

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