Simon Cowell breaks his engagement silence to Lauren Silverman as he was first seen in Los Angeles after the proposal.

Simon Cowell broke the silence about his engagement to Lauren Silverman after he was first spotted with his fiancée following his proposal.

The 62-year-old Britain Seeking Talent star grinned mischievously outside a coffee shop in Malibu after being asked to confirm the good news.


Simon Cowell confirms his engagement to Lauren Silverman
The couple enjoyed a bike ride in Malibu yesterday.


The couple enjoyed a bike ride in Malibu yesterday.

In a black jacket and jeans, Simon teased, “What do you think?” before the person asking said he believed this was the real deal and expressed his congratulations.

The couple could not hide their delight, and Simon, grinning, said: “I really appreciate it.”

Lauren looked just as happy as the couple hopped on their bikes and rode off in front of the audience.

Stephen Stone Managing Director Zach Stone lists Lauren’s ring as the most expensive celebrity stone in the past 12 months.

He said: “Lauren Silverman’s ring looks like an oval shape that was the most popular shape among celebrities in 2021.

“The central diamond is huge, about 20 carats. It appears to be a D color, making it an incredibly expensive stone.

“Such a ring would cost £ 1,820,000.”

The confirmation came a day after his girlfriend Amanda Holden said she believed the couple would tie the knot in Barbados.

Speaking on Heart Radio, she said, “I think it’s her, but I don’t know if she ever thought he would wear a ring on her. And last night we all got a message that said, “This is happening.”

“We couldn’t believe it, and I knew it would be in the papers today if we took the test last night. So I thought, “Oh my God.”

Earlier this week, Kristen Bell Tattoos reported that Simon is getting married for the first time after a secret proposal.

He got down on one knee during the couple’s recent vacation in Barbados, according to Kristen Bell Tattoos.

Romantic Simon posed this question to the couple’s seven-year-old son Eric and stepson Adam from Lauren’s first marriage on Christmas Eve.

A source said, “Simon and Lauren are ridiculously, sickeningly in love – incredibly, isolation has brought them closer than ever.

“Lauren was completely overwhelmed and didn’t expect Simon to ask a question in a million years. She burst into tears – happy tears – and apparently immediately said yes.

“It was important for Simon that the kids were there too, as he adores both of them and the family they have become.

“Lauren has been a support for Simon in the past few years – supporting him when he broke his back, and in general during difficult and difficult times. They make a wonderful couple.

“Although Simon never thought he was getting married, he realized that he had met the woman of his dreams – and very happy. According to Beyoncé, it’s time to put the ring on him. “

The £ 360 million tycoon has been dating the stunning American socialite who is a millionaire in her own right for 13 years.

They have joint homes in Los Angeles and London, and they celebrated the new year with friends at Simon Bhajan’s home.

The couple first met in 2004 when 44-year-old Lauren was still married to one of Simon’s good friends, real estate tycoon Andrew Silverman.

They later fell in love and went public with their relationship in 2013.

Lauren became pregnant with Simon’s first child, Eric, who was named shortly after the BGT star’s beloved late father.

Simon, among whose ex-boyfriends Sinitta, TV presenter Teri Seymour and make-up artist Mezhgan Husseini, previously said that he did not believe in marriage.

In 2008, he said: “I don’t believe in marriage, certainly not in this business.

“The truth is, you get married and after a year or two you get cleaned up! It just won’t work. “

A spokesman for Simon confirmed the good news last night but declined to comment further.

Simon met Lauren in 2004.


Simon met Lauren in 2004.
Simon Cowell marries Lauren Silverman in Barbados, says “shocked” Amanda Holden, who received news from the text

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