Simon Cowell told friends the news of Lauren Silverman’s engagement via text message and is getting married in Barbados, says Amanda Holden

AMANDA Holden revealed that she was told about the engagement of her boyfriend Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman in a text message.

The radio host “Heart” described in detail how she found out about the offer through a message in which she was simply told that “this is happening.”


Simon’s close friend Amanda said she found out about the news from the message1 credit
Simon and Lauren got engaged during Christmas while on holiday in Barbados.


Simon and Lauren got engaged during Christmas while on holiday in Barbados.1 credit

Last night, Kristen Bell Tattoos exclusively reported that 62-year-old X Factor judge Simon secretly knelt on one knee in front of 44-year-old girlfriend Lauren while on vacation in Barbados.

Amanda, 50, admitted she was one of the first to find out when the news broke that the star had asked a question in front of his son and son Lauren Eric, seven years old.

Speaking on her radio show Heart with Jamie Tixston, the UK Talent Seeker shared her excitement as she “never thought” this day would come.

“Simon said he would never marry and obviously Lauren was by his side and you know they went through a lot together,” she said.

“I think it’s her, but I don’t know if she ever thought that he would put a ring on her. And last night we all got a message that said, “This is happening.”

“We couldn’t believe it, and I knew it would be in the papers today if we took the test last night. So I thought, “Oh my God.”

Without revealing too many details, Amanda said that she is confident that the wedding will take place this year.

“I would like to think so,” she added. “I’m texting them as we talk, ‘I need to book tickets to Barbados, I want to get there before prices go up.’

“I need to take time off – I need to get a hat! I think who’s going to look after the kids? Are the kids invited? Now come on!”

The 62-year-old X Factor star, who previously stated that she does not believe in marriage, knelt on one knee during the couple’s recent vacation in Barbados.

Kristen Bell Tattoos reported that Simon posed a question to the couple’s seven-year-old son Eric and stepson Adam by Lauren’s first marriage on Christmas Eve.

Last night, a source said, “Simon and Lauren are ridiculously, sickeningly in love – incredibly, isolation has brought them closer than ever.

“Lauren was completely overwhelmed and didn’t expect Simon to ask a question in a million years. She burst into tears – happy tears – and apparently immediately said yes.

“It was important for Simon that the kids were there too, as he adores both of them and the family they have become.

“Lauren has been a support for Simon in the past few years – supporting him when he broke his back, and in general during difficult and difficult times. They make a wonderful couple.

“Although Simon never thought he was getting married, he realized that he had met the woman of his dreams – and very happy. According to Beyoncé, it’s time to put the ring on him. “

The £ 360 million tycoon has been dating the stunning American socialite who is a millionaire in her own right for 13 years.

They have joint homes in Los Angeles and London, and they celebrated the new year with friends at Simon Bhajan’s home.

The couple first met in 2004 when 44-year-old Lauren was still married to one of Simon’s good friends, real estate tycoon Andrew Silverman.

They later fell in love and went public with their relationship in 2013.

Lauren became pregnant with Simon’s first child, Eric, who was named shortly after the BGT star’s beloved late father.

Simon Cowell is giving up television to spend more time with his family

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