Sinead O’Connor admitted that her child let her down after the tragic suicide of a 17-year-old girl

The distraught Sinead O’Connor posted a heartbreaking tweet in which she accuses herself of the tragic suicide of her 17-year-old son, Shane.

Sinead O'Connor admitted that her child let her down after the tragic suicide of a 17-year-old girl

Distraught Sinead O’Connor issued a heartbreaking tweet blames herself for the tragic suicide of her 17-year-old son Shane. Along with pleading guilty, O’Connor also shamed Tusla – the Irish Agency for Children and Families – and the Irish government, as well as a number of individuals it chose not to name.

The singer-songwriter wrote: “For your information, please do not imagine that I am less than acutely aware that I let my child down along with Tusla, HSE and the Irish state. And next to others in his life, who will forever remain publicly unnamed. “


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She blamed not only herself for her son’s suicide, but also the Irish government.

“We all know who we are. We all let him down. Welcome to Ireland. “

Police confirmed Shane’s death on Saturday. The teenager went missing two days earlier after allegedly escaping “suicide” during hospital treatment.

O’Connor concluded that Shane had been embroiled in the fight against mental illness for quite some time, and even revealed that he learned how to create his own suicide weapon “At the CHILDREN’S Mental Hospital in Lindar. While he was being treated there for psychosis. [sic]”

After Shane’s tragic death, O’Connor became attached to her. Twitter release a stream tweets further criticism of both Tusla and her government.

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O’Connor has consistently criticized the Irish Agency for Children and Families Tusla

“Tusla now wants to discuss the ‘media release’ with me, no doubt wanting me to join their efforts to make this death of my child look like it was not in the hands of the Irish state.”

“Tusla and the HSE will release a dishonest statement covering up *** in response to international interrogation. Lots of lies, refusals to take responsibility. As always, covered by an almighty and false concern for the privacy of children who are dying before their eyes. “

“Now I am going to retire to mourn my son. When I’m ready, I’ll tell you exactly how the Irish state, in the ignorant, evil, selfish, deceitful forms of Tusla and the Higher School of Economics, contributed to his death. Magdalene Ireland never left. Ask the youth. “

Moreover, Sinead posted a touching dedication to her late son’s father, Donal Lanny.

“I would also like to thank Shane’s dad, Donal Lanny. You tried too, Donal. And Shane adored you. And I will always remember how nice you were to him. You were a wonderful father. I am very sorry for your loss. “

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