Sister Katie Price said her son has been taken to the hospital eight times in the last month.

KATHIE Price’s nephew has been brought to the emergency room with the virus eight times in the last month or so.

The half-sister of the reality TV star posted an emotional post on social media dedicated to her son.



Sophie Price posted an emotional post on social media dedicated to her son.1 credit
Sophie Price is Katie Price's half-sister through her mother, Amy Price.


Sophie Price is Katie Price’s half-sister through her mother, Amy Price.Credit: sophie_pricey/Instagram

Sister Kathy says her son is finally returning to kindergarten after a terrible month for the family, which included eight trips to A&E.

She also revealed that Katie’s young nephew spent several nights in the hospital and was given antibiotics by doctors.

Sophie, who co-owned a children’s clothing company with the My Crazy Life star, recently posted an emotional post on social media.

Sophie blurted out, “Please, no more grits, viruses, or bugs! Please let us have a December without emergency trips (we’ve had 8 in the last month or so, and only a few nights in the hospital to top it off), or antibiotics!”

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Sophie Price, 32, is the half-sister of Katie Price through her mother, Amy Price, 70.


The biological father of a former Loose Woman star named Ray Infield left the family when she was only four years old.

Her mother married builder Paul Price in 1988, after which she took his last name and gave birth to Sophie in 1990.


She has an older half-brother named Daniel.

But now Sophie has revealed that her son is gearing up to return to normal after a tough month for the family.

On her Instagram, she wrote, “Today is the day… he’s going back to kindergarten and I can finally get myself together!”

Addendum: “And please let me sleep through the night! Thanks… Sophie 😉”

Sophie has one child, Albert, whom she gave birth to in May 2021.

At the time she announced the news, Sophie shared one photo of the baby – a close-up of his tiny hand held up to his face, wrapped in a knitted blanket.

Kathy posted an emotional message at the time, writing, “I’m so proud of my sister @sophie_pricey and Harry, unfortunately I couldn’t be in the hospital due to Covid but I was with them all the time!

“I love you Sophie and Harry and my gorgeous nephew Albert ❤️ welcome to parenthood and sleep deprivation 🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

This can be called a difficult month for Katy, who broke up with her fiancé, Love Island star Carl Woods.

Kristen Bell Tattoos reported that the police were called to Katie Price’s house due to a violent altercation with an ex ITV2 star just hours before their split was announced.

The source said Katy, 44, “feared for her safety and the safety of her children,” but no arrests were made.

An insider told us: “Karl was furious to find messages from another man on Katie’s phone. He demanded that Kathy return her engagement ring, but she doesn’t have it and she didn’t even apologize.”

A spokesman for Suss*x Police said: “We have responded to the report of a domestic incident. The officers arrived to conduct a welfare check. The investigation is ongoing and no further information is available at this stage.”

Sophie has a 1-year-old son, Arthur, whom she gave birth to in May 2021.


Sophie has a 1-year-old son, Arthur, whom she gave birth to in May 2021.Credit: sophie_pricey/Instagram
Katie Price is close to her younger half-sister


Katie Price is close to her younger half-sisterCredit: Catiprice/Instagram

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