Sizer Emanuel claps back at Masika Kalisha for her comments after VH1 broke up with him over dog abuse video

Wow! Former “Black Ink TeamStar Sizer Emanuel had a lot to say when it came to some of the people who spoke about the incident with his dog earlier this summer, and he didn’t hold back in his comments.

Sizer was recently a guest on “Show of my expert opinionand he reacted to comments made by reality TV star Masika Kalisha and celebrity hairdresser Jonathan Wright after the incident.

During the show, Sizer said:

“I see a muthafucka fired up on me that had no reason to speak up. So did Masika… I almost got mad at her on social media. She said some crazy bullshit about “oh, you’re finally going to cut him because of the dog, but you won’t do anything to his daughter.” First of all, what the hell are you talking about? You don’t know anything about this situation… you sit and comment. Were you the same damn bitch that attacked the pregnant woman on Zeus?

He went on to say that he and Masika weren’t even in the same tax bracket, expressing his frustration.

Seezer also shared a few words about Jonathan Wright and said, “That bastard hit the bastard with a fucking folding chair, but he was sitting with her and wanted to talk about the dog situation.”

Jonathan entered the comments section of The Shade Room and said:

Masika Kalisha also intervened and said:

Seezer then applauded Mask by sharing a video she posted in 2020 of herself as if she had been kidnapped.

As previously it was reported that Masika said at the time that the purpose of the video was to draw attention to human trafficking in cooperation with ROSE. However, the president of the organization said at the time that they had not collaborated with it and that the video was not approved by them.

As mentioned earlier, VH1 broke off relations with Sizer back in June after he was shown hitting a dog in a viral video. He later apologized for the situation and assured that the dog in the video was healthy.

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