Skins Actress Reveals How Stripping Saved Her During Pandemic

Megan Prescott has struggled to find full-time work ever since she appeared on Channel 4’s Skins program. Despite being a popular character on Channel 4’s show, which was famous for its wild stories about parties, drugs, sexual exploration and abuse alcohol, she never found another successful role.

Prescott, who starred in a teen drama with her twin sister Katherine, began stripping when she was 2022. She said she felt more comfortable exposing her body after numerous lewd scenes on the show.


Meghan, now 30, continues to film and write since Skins ended, but when the pandemic wreaked havoc on the art industry and closed bars and clubs, she turned to OnlyFans to help pay the bills. Skins marked the beginning of the careers of many successful British actors, including Nicholas Hoult from “The Great”, Oscar-winning Daniel Kalui and Oscar-nominated Deva Patel.

Skins actress reveals that only fans supported her during the global pandemic

The actress told The Sun:If it weren’t for OnlyFans, I wouldn’t have survived the last two years. not working seven days a week in a black job.

“I started my page in April 2020, when the pandemic broke out, as I was not fired for some time.

I had no money and a friend of mine who worked as a stripper for many years told me that people were guaranteed to subscribe because they watched me on Skins. ” her feelings. “

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“I thought I could try and everything went very well. I only do what is convenient for me, and I log into the system whenever I want, because it takes a lot of your energy. “

She admits that she prefers working for OnlyFans to striptease, as it is less emotionally draining and she does not need to work only in the evenings. She also admits that it is easier to ignore people online than live customers.

Megan Prescott talks about a stripper

Megan applied and tried herself in a strip club after her close friend Haven. co-host of the podcast Strippers In The Attic, recommended it.

Prescott explains, “When I was undressing, I was already showing sex on national television, so that broke some of the barriers for me.”

“There were more things that made me nervous when shooting Skins than when I started working in clubs.”

Although she admitted that she drank two tequila shots to calm her nerves before audition. “But as soon as you dance naked, your nerves give up very quickly, and then it becomes quite fun – in society it seems shameful, but in fact it is not.”

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She was afraid that she would be recognized and it would hurt her acting career. “I was afraid that something would come out, but at the time I did not have a lot of acting and did not have an agent,” she explains.

“I knew I could make that money and try to get it to work or work full time in a bar and hope that one day I would be a manager – I didn’t want to settle for that.” She admits that, unfortunately, there is a stigma behind it, something she considers sexist given how popular Channing Tatum and Magic Mike are.

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