‘Sneaky’ mockery of Amber Heard by Johnny Depp sounded in court

Former friend Amber Heard told the court about the “incredibly mean and vicious” things he heard about her from Johnny Depp.

Former friend Amber Heard iO Tillett Wright was the first witness called by the defense after the actress left the podium during a libel trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

In pre-recorded testimony, Wright testified that he met Heard in Los Angeles in late 2011 and the two became friends. Wright said he later became close to Depp as well, a relationship that ended in December 2015.

He also said that he had not spoken to Heard for over a year, suggesting that they were no longer on good terms.

“Johnny, when sober, was sweet and magical and very funny,” Wright said. “I felt a kinship with him and a shared view of the world that I shared with very few people in my life.” He described Depp as extremely generous.

But he added that Depp can also be “incredibly mean and vicious, especially when drunk or high.”

Witness recalls Depp’s drinking with Marilyn Manson

In pre-recorded testimony, Wright said he recalled a time when Amber Heard was out of town and Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson drank heavily and “did a lot of cocaine.”

He said actor Paul Bettany was also in attendance.

“He really resented the need to be sober. He didn’t want it,” Wright said of Depp.

Pirates of the Caribbean the star allegedly showed him a marijuana cabinet with “tens and tens of pounds of weed.”

Wright also said that when Depp was high, he could be very violent.

After Depp and Heard had a fight, Wright told him, “All she has is her looks and she has no talent, and when her breasts start to sag and her face wrinkles, no one will be interested in her because for this.” something so she’d better find another way to survive.”

Depp’s jealousy and drug addiction have been recurring themes in previous relationships, including with Winona Ryder, the actor allegedly told Wright.

Wright also corroborated several of Amber Heard’s allegations of physical and emotional abuse by Depp.

He said he visited Heard’s apartment after Depp allegedly hit her on December 15, 2015, during an argument over the star’s alleged infidelity.

Wright said he saw the injuries Heard allegedly suffered, including a bruise on her head and temple, and a split lip.

Wright had attended their February 2015 wedding a few months earlier, he said, and Depp allegedly made a disturbing remark.

“He said, ‘Now we are married. I can punch her in the face and nobody can do anything about it,” Wright told the court.

Explosive fight over the origin of feces in marital bed

On May 21, 2016, Wright received a call from Amber Heard asking him to clarify the infamous defecation incident.

Johnny Depp went to the penthouse for some stuff about a month after he found what he called human excrement in their marital bed after a big fight.

“She said, ‘Johnny thinks you and I defecated on his pillow together,'” Wright told the court. “I think the words ‘shit on his pillow’ were used, so I started laughing.” He and Heard laughed, which Wright said made Depp angry.

Wright tried to explain that he was not in the apartment that morning, but then he heard a loud noise. Wright imitated the sound by hitting his arm with a clenched fist.

“The phone fell and he said to her, ‘Do you think I hit you? Do you think I hit you? what if I push your fucking hair back?” Wright testified in testimony. “I remember her screaming and I hung up,” he said, his eyes filling with tears.

He called her best friend Raquel Pennington, who lived next door, and then called the police. Hurd testified to the court that Depp smashed her cell phone in her face.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and published here with permission

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