SNL adrenaline keeps Kenan Thompson from falling asleep after the show

Kenan Thompson elaborated on Entertainment Weekly that the prep for the all day show on Saturday is mostly due to no one leaving until the show is finally over. “So there’s no escaping the roller coaster,” he said. “And yes, it takes at least an hour or so, or two, maybe to just calm down, calm down, either cry or pat yourself on the back, whatever it is, and then go to bed.”


Indeed, the fact that Saturday Night Live is mostly filmed live, as well as the fact that the weekly show changes quickly, probably play a role in how flustered or nervous the actors are. preparation for each cold opening. Thompson’s trouble falling asleep is far from the most extreme reaction to such a busy schedule. SNL alumnus Bill Hader shared on Sam Jones’ “Off Camera” podcast that over the first few years on the show, his own anxiety would develop to the point where he developed flu-like symptoms. Luckily, Hader sought out therapies and meditations that helped him curb his growing anxiety.

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