‘So Much Good’ Came From Clayton’s Split

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Finding the silver lining. Susie Evans reflected in her break with Clayton Echard in a lengthy blog post — and said she’s actually grateful for everything the breakup has taught her.

“All my relationships have left me better than they found me” Bachelor The 29-year-old winner of the 26th season began an essay shared through her website on Monday, November 21st. “Even the biggest heartbreaks and failures in loyalty from previous partners have taught me lessons in self-esteem.”


Explaining what she’s learned from her previous relationship, the Virginia native said the “most important lessons” she’s learned since breaking up with Echard, also 29, “could actually be about understanding yourself better and learning to express your expectations. ”

The wedding videographer and former NFL player broke up in September after meeting during Echard’s season. Bachelorwhich aired earlier this year. “It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we wanted to announce that we have decided to go our separate ways,” they said in a joint statement. “Anyone who has ever loved knows that it was a painful decision and not an easy one to make.”

A month before announcing their split, the duo revealed that they were moving to different states after living together in Evans’ hometown of Virginia Beach. hen-party The Season 18 alumni returned to Arizona and Evans moved to Los Angeles.

In her new blog post, Evans explained that before the breakup, she was “on a pretty low level” with herself. “I believe it was because I was trying to make something work that just didn’t fit naturally,” she wrote. “It’s emotionally hard and not good for the soul. Not to mention, my Google search history was filled with questions like “Can you love someone and not be compatible?” 😂 I’m really freaking out with this.”


Although things didn’t work out between her and Echard, Evans went on to outline what she learned about “being in love” from her ex. “What I’ve discovered in my latest relationship is that a love-only partnership doesn’t always have the building blocks to get tall and strong,” she explained. “So before you go out and fall in love with anyone, keep in mind that finding a partner who matches you on these important fundamental elements is more likely to set your relationship up for long-term success.”

She concluded by reassuring readers that she and Echard are still “supporting each other from afar” despite their breakup. “So much more good came from this breakup, both for me and for Clayton,” she wrote. “Just because something wasn’t eternal doesn’t mean it wasn’t beautiful.”


Last month, the former couple spoke at length about their split during a joint interview on Caitlin BristowOff the Vine podcast. The Missouri native said the couple’s different communication styles led to problems in their relationship.

“I guess I would like to be a better communicator,” he explained in October. “It’s hard when we spend hours and hours and hours and there’s a lot of pain in those hours. But then we get to the end point, like, “Oh, that’s what you were trying to say.” And it’s like, “Damn, why couldn’t I say it like that at the beginning or why couldn’t we understand at the beginning?”

Evans, for her part, said she had a hard time as Echard tried to bounce back from the backlash associated with his season. Bachelor. “I think a lot of it was just self-identification and I think he was looking for stability,” she told Bristow, 37. [when] I didn’t provide it either because I just wasn’t sure. I thought, “I can’t wait three months.” I can’t promise three months or anything like that. And I think it’s really hard in relationships too, when I, on the other hand, say, “I need security.” … I want to be two whole people.”

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