Sofia Bush and 9 other celebrities who wrote their show because they wanted to go out.

Although many actors strive for fame or fortune for a film or show, there may come a time when an actor has to go far. And when a celebrity chooses to move on, the audience must learn to say goodbye to their favorite character forever.

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So, for better or worse, here are ten celebrities who left their TV shows high and dry.

Emily Wankamp – ‘Resident’

In addition to its prominent characters. Revenge As Emily Thorne and Sharon Carter in the Marvel Cinema Universe, Emily Wankamp has played the role of nurse practitioner at Fox. resident. Unlike Matt Zoucheri, Vancamp’s character went through many trials and tribulations during the show’s four seasons. The last time we left Nick, he had just married Conrad’s love for the rest of his life and had given birth to their little girl. Now this is where art mimics life, as Vancamp was pregnant at the time. And at the end of season four, he asked for release from his contract. This, combined with the fact that the actress could not return for her leave and the worst new promo, has left many fans in the worst of fears. We know we have to say goodbye to Vancamp, but will Conrad and little Gigi find themselves saying goodbye to Nick forever?

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Ruby Rose – ‘Beat Woman’

Orange is the new black. Alum Ruby Rose chose to leave her cape after just one season. Beat Woman. When asked, Rose talked about it. Her allergy to latex (from which her mask was made) And her back surgery hindered her ability to get to work so she could give him everything. Rose says his injury was not decisive in his decision to leave the series., As well as the effects on Coved and his psyche played a role in his choice to leave. Since the show’s ending was cut short due to the cove, Rose had plenty of time to think about her future and what it would bring. However, she longs for her successor, Javisia Leslie, who is the best at making a superhero to remember Batwoman.

Andrew Lincoln – ‘The Walking Dead’

Jaws as a show and as crazy the walking DeadGetting out of character (and not often, deaths) is just one part of the show that we viewers love to hate. But both comic book and TV fans were shocked to discover that the show’s protagonist Rick was ready to leave the show. Andrew Lincoln, who has been a non-permanent sheriff for nine seasons, Announced that he is leaving the show to spend more time with his family. This shocking twist changed the story forever, as it moved away from the comic book story line and left the show as unexpected as ever. But don’t worry. walking Dead Fans, you haven’t seen the last of them yet. Lincoln has since ventured into a possible role. walking Dead Movie trilogy if ever comes to fruition.

Chad Michael Murray and Hillary Burton – ‘One Tree Hill’

Now the departure is doubled, as the on-screen power couple made their final appearance together. Hillary Burton and Chad Michael Murray, alias Lucas Scott and Patton Sawyer leave the show One Tree Hill The end of season six, but when they were united in their decision, their reasons were different. Murray once said he went to make a big deal, but left because of the mass abuse of women on the set by the Burton series show runner. But no decision was taken lightly. Although we wish it were better, at least the spectators saw the newlyweds “Layton” riding at sunset.

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Justin Chambers – Gree’s Anatomy

In a bittersweet farewell, Justin Chambers chose to step down as Alex Carrio after 16 years as a doctor on ABC. Gree’s anatomy.. He said he wanted to spend more time at home with his children. Many fans were stunned as Caro’s character recently got married and became the chief of surgery. To no avail, the authors chose to rewrite it with the flames of their old hospital, Easy Stevens. Many fans thought he wasted years of character development, and must have seen him killed (e.g. Gray’s He is known to have left his wife behind. But whether you agree with it or not, you have to admit that it is made for good TV.

Tory de Veto – ‘Chicago Made’

One of the recent departures, Tory de Veto left his role as Dr. Natalie Manning in the compelling medical drama. Chicago Med.. With the final fans of the dramatic season six, many wondered what effect De Veto’s exit would have on those left behind, especially former fianc ول Will Holstead, who covered his final season. Tried The new season makes Dr. Manning’s future a little uncertain, his beginnings will be somewhere new, which could potentially open the way for DeVito to return. When asked why he was leaving, De Veto replied: “Awaiting a new adventure.“.

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Crystal Red – ‘Tan Wolf’

Yet Teen wolf As one of the most important teen dramas of this generation, not everyone wanted to be a part of it for long. The series lasted for six seasons, but Crystal Reid decided to relinquish her role as Allison Urgent in Season Three for a second chance. One of the most used reasons for an actor, Reid said, was that he took Alison as far as the plot could go. Unfortunately for fans and writers, it created one of the most tragic deaths in TV history.

Jennifer Morrison – ‘Once Upon a Time’

Everyone deserves their happiness, and ours. Once upon a time is The stars are no exception. So when Jennifer Morrison rejects Emma Swann’s request to return in seven seasons. The audience was less than happy. But he noted that he had an incredible career. Home For another six years OUAT For six years, and that was enough. Despite being grateful, the job takes a toll and she wants to step down and take a look at her future. He performed as a guest in season seven, so it’s safe to say that there is no bad blood in this magical forest.

Sofia Bush – ‘Chicago PD’

the second. One Tree Hill Formerly, Sofia Bush has been living her best life since the days of Brooke Davis. Known for her social activities as well as her acting, she played the role of the fierce and strong Erin Lindsay. Chicago PD. Sadly, however, the reason for Bush’s departure was nothing short of spectacular. Bush has revealed that she was very unhappy during the production, due to the aggressive and abusive treatment on both sets and the horrible conditions expected from the actors. Forced to work in freezing temperatures and tired of talking, Bush said that’s enough. She demanded better treatment or she would be out of her seven-year contract three years earlier. Not to be outdone, Bush dropped him and the show definitely suffered without the amazing detective Lindsay in the intelligence unit.

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