Some important facts about Tyler, the most controversial tunes of the creator.

Tyler, the creator, never gave up. In fact, he seems to have taken the lead. Tyler has a long list of musicians with lyrics and dirty tweets, and the rapper / adult third star rarely apologizes for his choice of words. Some Tylers despise the creator because they think he maintains suspicion and homosexuality, although many members of his music collectives Strange future Are LGBTQ, incl. Frank Ocean, Which Tyler regularly supports and supports both.

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But in any case, Tyler’s melodies have sparked controversy across social media and sparked more controversy that can be counted on two hands. Her melodies rallied conservative parents against her, shutting down her shows in the UK, and let’s not forget the controversy. Mountain Dave Commercial. The 2013 event

What compels Tyler, the creator, to speak so boldly and sometimes so rudely? What are the effects of this tracking and hot tax? We know about the musician’s most controversial lyrics:

Goblin uses anti-gay 218 times.

GoblinTyler’s first mix tape of 2009, “f * ggot” has more than 200 uses against homosexuals and the word “b * tch” has been used at least 68 times. Despite the extremely casual use of insults on the album and in his tweets, Tyler, the creator, claims to be a supporter of LGBT. “I know a lot of fans who use the word and are cool with it.”

She now has a permanent beef with Tegan and Sarah.

Tyler, the creator, has a long list of ongoing feuds with fellow musicians, including. Bruno Marz And EminemBut none of his feud with Canadian folk duo Tegan and Sarah is more infamous. The two went on their website in 2011 to deny Tyler’s lyrics, saying he had no excuse for using homophobic insults. Tyler’s response was to tweet, “Kill me if Tegan and Sarah need some hard D * CK!”

The ‘cherry bomb’ falls on at least 10 other stars.

Tyler’s 2015 album. Cherry bomb Makes a long list of musicians and actors, and goes after a Syracuse University professor who criticized his Mountain Dave commercial. Tyler’s other goals during this period included Bruno Mars. Steve Harvey, Kendall Jenner., And Larry David.. Tyler, the creator, not only went after celebrities, he also went after conservative Christian fathers, parents in New Zealand and Australia (who rallied against Tyler to ban him from performing in two countries), and Mountain Dave Himself

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He apologized to Selena Gomez.

Tyler, the creator, is often criticized for constantly tweeting. Selena Gomez Many people felt that there was misunderstanding and unnecessary attention. On “Manifesto“One of Tyler’s latest tracks, he seems to be trying to edit with Star Off. Only murder in the building. He says, “I was a teenager, Selena was tweeting crazy. I didn’t want to upset her, I’m sorry when I saw her.”

Some people think that he is querying his song.

When Tyler’s. Flower boy Leaked in LP 2017, speculative fans began to believe that Tyler was emerging as LGBT. Tyler has since denied being gay, but reiterated that he supports LGBT causes and LGBT contemporaries such as Frank Ocean. The allegations came from Twitter users and bloggers who chanted “Foreword”, “Garden Shade”, and “I didn’t have time!” Like analyzing the melodies of songs. Were dating

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Bruno began his flesh with Mars on Goblin

What will happen first, but not the last? Bruno Marz Disrack, Tyler, creator originally called Mars the track “Junkers”, along with other pop stars who topped the charts in 2009, such as BOB who was on the Billboard Top 40 this year. Thanks to Airplane. ”

He says, “I will crash this f ***** n ‘plane that f **** tn *** is inside a bob / and Bruno stabs Mars in his mineral esophagus. “And until the police come in,” he said.

He went after Chris Brown after abusing Rihanna.

“Rollins in Golden Tacoma, S ** T is stolen / If he tells me, I’ll drive his meat into his colon. Abandoned like Chris Brown “A ** got the bat.” – Steak sauce

Tyler, The Character, slammed the convicted R&B singer for his song “Steak Sauce” and Tyler. went. Tyler made no secret of what he thought. ریہانہ His friend.

‘Radicals’ got a college kid in trouble.

The track is full of anti-police, pro-insurgency melodies that echo the sentiments of many in the Black Lives Meter Movement. He says, “F * c police, I am f * cacking rock star / rebellion and violation makes me happy * Sec ‘C * c hard / F * c school, am I * f * c up? F * CK. ”

It will be a song that will immerse a student in hot water when they are written on a white board in the library. University of South Alabama.. The student wrote, “Kill people, sh * t, f * ck school, first devil 666, praise the devil.” The student was accused of making “terrorist threats.”

Fish got Billy Elish in trouble.

The pop star found herself embroiled in a recent controversy when her lip-singing song Tyler, The Creator’s 2011 song “Tik Tok” surfaced. The video shows. Elish Getting all the lyrics out of your mouth, including using anti-Asian insults. Elish immediately apologized and reiterated his support for racism and LGBTQ.

Goblin banned him from visiting the UK.

Despite visiting the country several times since the song was released, Tyler was banned from performing in the UK for three to five years. Home Secretary of the United Kingdom Theresa May. (Who will later serve as prime minister) cited violence and “inflammatory rhetoric.” Goblin Tyler argued that the ban was a product of racism, and that conservatives in Britain did not like the fact that their children were “looking at a black man.” Tyler, the creator, was allowed to return to the UK in 2019. However, police took the opportunity to shut down at least one demonstration because of the “crowd”.

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Tyler, the creator himself bought a $ 275,000 pendant!

She created this amazing pendant to celebrate the release of her latest album, and it was designed to “play up” her ego, Igor.

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