Someone Online Asked “What’s Your ‘If I’m Going Down I’m Taking You With Me’ Story?”, And 35 Folks Delivered

I had a group project I had to do with 4 other people. 3 out of the 4 were great, but there were roles each of us had to fill in the group for the project to work right. The final girl never once participated in the project, so her role was completely empty and it was dragging the rest of us down.

(We couldn’t just fill in for her either because she kept her specific instructions to herself)

The other 3 and I did the best we could, but our instructor didn’t seem impressed. He had a few questions about how we came to our conclusion and who did what in the group.

The other 3 were trying to keep focus on the roles they filled but the instructor was asking about the role that the one girl skipped out on.

I answered that we didn’t have anything from that role because what’s her a*s didn’t come to any of the project sessions. We just did what we could without her.

Until that point, the girl that didn’t do s**t was standing there acting like she deserved any of the grade we all got.

Once I said something, the other 3 girls confirmed that yes, Becky’s a*s did 0% of the work. She tried to say she was just really busy but another girl shut her down by saying she saw her at several parties the past couple weeks.

That girl got a 0 and the rest of us got like an 85 or around that number. I felt like a snitch, but f**k that girl.

Careless_Hellscape , Rasmus Lerdorf Report

I'll Take My Business Somewhere Else, Then! My uncle used to own a hardware store in our s***ty little town. He wanted to put up a cover between two buildings that he owned but the town council wouldn’t let him. They never gave any real reason like, “we need to leave the area uncovered because of XYZ building codes.” They just went on a power trip and said, “you’re not gonna do it!”

Eventually due to some other power trips my uncle threatened to move his shop a few towns over. Town council went all, “you’re not gonna do it!” in a “I dare you” way. So my uncle did just that.

If I remember correctly he paid the most in taxes so all the money the town was getting from him disappeared. Most of his employees were in high school and couldn’t drive. When he moved the kids went with him. Since the parents had to drive their kids to their job they decided they would also pick up groceries and other things they needed while they were in the new town. So the cloth shop and grocery store went out out business. Since no one could get what they needed in our small town just about everyone moved.

Now the town is run down and there’s barely anything here. My dad said it used to be a nice little town. Now hardly anyone lives here and everything is falling in. My uncle even warned the council, “if I leave I will take this town with me.” But they didn’t listen.

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It Was Sure Lucky He Was Down There To Break Your Fall, Right? I was rock climbing and this guy who was my belayer for the day was kindof a d**k. Well no surprise, d**kwad spends most of his time flirting with a cute girl who is friendly but seriously not into him. He gets chewed out by our lead for not paying attention, which means he continues to not pay attention as he is incapable of picking up cues. Well, there’s me, twenty five feet or so off the ground with my rope slack and feeling my hands slipping because I’m just running out of steam. Now having told him three times to pick up the slack, I look down and see he’s completely ignoring me to chat with this girl again. My mistake was looking down, as I reach to re-adjust my weakening hold and slip. The rope shoots out of his limp, sausage like fingers and I began to fall (I know a properly tied off rope shouldn’t do that. I don’t know how he f****d that up too). My only thought is if I’m going to fall, I’ll damn well land on him.

Well I did. I landed straight on his cushy, a*****e body. I was barely injured. He was taken to hospital after having 80 odd kilos land on him from two stories up. I never happened to see him at that rock climbing club again.

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Oh, You're Afraid Of Water? Get In Super simple, but I am notorious in my friend group of having a fear of water. I’m okay in pools since you can (hopefully) see the bottom but even shallow lakes rivers and oceans are a no go for me. Some friends ended up renting a boat and wanted to take it out on the lake and beeeeegged me to come out. I kept telling them no way in hell would I ever willingly go out and sit in the middle of a lake.

Finally I caved because I dunno. They were friends and really wanted me to go. Someone said it could really help me face my fears. Even though I didn’t plan on getting in the water, I’m not going to wear jeans to the sunny “beach” so I left my wallet, keys, and phone in the car. Within 10 minutes of getting to the middle of the lake, buddy who suggested I “face my fears” and I think his brother ask me if I got the time. I shrug and tell them I left my phone back in my car.

They both lunge at me and start throwing me overboard. I latch on for dear life and fight as if the river is lava because to me it essentially is. I eventually realize I’m 100% going over and there is nothing I can do. Except let go of the railing I was gripping onto and instead grab them both as I pulled back and forced all three of us into the water.

Getting back on the boat was easy, it had a little ramp and ladder for climbing in/out and you can bet your a*s I was the first climbing back up. The brothers got mad at me because they had their phones in their pockets and I ruined them. But everyone quickly pointed out that they pushed me in the water knowing I hated it and that they deserved it. They argued that they intentionally tried to make sure I didn’t have anything electronic on me but everyone shut them down.

They were allowed back on the boat when they apologized. My friend apologized and I actually did chip in to help him get a new phone later, but his brother swam back to shore and got even more upset and demanded I help him with his new phone since I helped his brother. But he didn’t feel bad or think he did anything wrong so f**k that guy.

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Taking A Hit For The Greater Good When I was in grade 10 we were assigned to do some report in science class. The two girls I was assigned to work with were lazy and dumb.

For background, I knew one of the girls as she used to be in my elemetary and used to bully me cause I was a keener. What she didnt know is that I chilled out more in high school. With that said, chem was my best subject and I had almost 100 in the class, but those 2 were just passing.

Anyways to get back to the story, this was the final project and if we did well on this, it would count for 30% of our mark and the final would be only 10%, but anything under a 70 meant that the project would be 10% but the final would be 30%. So since the girls didnt contribute, I did not hand in the project. The teacher found this weird for me but I just kept making excuses until they forgot.

Anyways come 2 weeks later, they get the news they had a 0. They confronted me and I told them they didnt do f**k all so I didnt either. Said both of you are now failing and I still had an 80 so have fun in here next year. Like expected they both failed the class and I got 95% on my final.

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Cloud Computing Is More Than Just For Backup In one of my first jobs, a colleague who was threatened by me (the new worker, shy, inexperienced, learning little by little, just out of college), was slowly putting ideas in the head of my boss until I get fired.

The day after I was fired there was a meeting with the boss and other important positions in which I had been working hard to make a good impression. I knew who would take all the credit, the lazy bastard who had stabbed me in the back.

It turns out that one of the things that I knew how to do was synchronize the files on my personal computer to an internet cloud, in order to have my files available at home.

I knew that my partner was too lazy and would not thoroughly review the documents, so from the comfort of my home I modified the presentation. Some information here and there, nothing excessive and like the icing on the cake a hidden message after a photograph on the last panel that would only be visible during the presentation:

“Thank you for not paying attention to the erroneous data and not looking at the information that does not match in the least with what I exposed, im glad nobody will notice because they are not interested and will not ask any s**t.

F**k off “

I would like to have been there, but as far as I knew the whole floor hear the screams of my boss.

I know, it wasn’t very mature, but it was satisfying

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When The Paycheck Snowballs Into A Full-Blown Investigation I once worked for a startup company, and they missed one of my paychecks. It wasn’t a gigantic deal to me because they were a bit strapped for cash and we had a big release coming soon, and I was decently paid anyway, so I just said “f**k it.”

They then fired me two days before release, making it sound like I had been inadequate despite zero indication from them that I was such before that day.

So I made the proper legal arrangements to recoup my missing paycheck and told them I’d be going to Labor & Industry (I had already filed a complaint) because if they were going to fire me after I worked 70 hours a week for over a month to try and meet their deadline, out of nowhere, I sure as f**k wasn’t going to cut them the slack of an entire paycheck. I got my paycheck, they went out of business because they were corrupt and had been misusing investor funds for years before this unbeknownst to me, and I laughed my way to the bank.

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That's What You Get For Bullying I was bullied by an entire grade at one point in school. There were primary instigators, sure but everyone else joined in at the drop of a hat. So it’s fair to say I was not happy with pretty much all my peers. Well at one point we went on a class camp trip. Everyone from our grade went. At one point a group of us went into the woods as part of a supervised activity, and almost everyone broke the rules on going out of bounds. I didn’t want to cause I was a bit of a rules person but I got attacked and physically pushed out. Of course the adults found out everyone broke the rules and started asking questions but everyone clammed up.

I ratted all of them out. No one escaped punishment. It was the nuclear blitz of ratting out. I had names. I had places they went. I had details! And they were kids so they lied badly. So I got many of them caught in lies too. The adults chose not to believe me when I said I’d been dragged by everyone else so I took the fall too, but it was worth it. We all lost privileges and a taste of freedom kids like us otherwise wouldn’t experience again. I ruined that. And I loved every second of it.

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When Favoritism Comes Back To Bite You When you are in trouble at school, it helps that you’re related to someone who works for the school district.

I had a math teacher my junior year of high school who was also the cheerleading coach and she worshipped every student who was an athlete. And she hated theatre kids. She would make theatre kids (or basically any non-athlete) trade seats with a student athlete because “they need a better seat to view the board.” She basically told us that student athletes’ education was more important than ours.

One day, the drama club was planning a field trip the same day of a really big math test. My math teacher was already fully aware of the field trip and said that the theatre kids are allowed to take the test at another time.

Well, the day of the field trip comes, and she pretends she is unaware of the field trip. She called up our drama teacher and threw a tantrum that the theatre kids were missing. We then got in trouble with the drama teacher, and we received a zero on the math test.

I told my aunt (a math teacher, AND the head of the math department for the whole entire school district) about this, and she looked into it. Teacher didn’t get fired, but got in trouble. Well, she found out that it was my aunt that reported her, and now she was purposely failing me. I actually had no trouble in math especially since my aunt was tutoring me, and I was doing well, so there was no reason why I was failing except for the fact that the teacher wanted revenge on me for getting her in trouble.

So this time I tell my aunt, but in a different way. I say that my teacher’s material is not making sense (which was actually true, she had no idea what she was doing) and my aunt called her up and asked her what she plans on teaching her students. My teacher was caught by surprise and didn’t know how to exactly answer my aunt and kept giving bs answers. My aunt then looked into it some more, and confirmed that basically, the teacher had no idea what she was doing. And well, she got fired.

I did have to take summer school since I still failed her class, but I basically ended her teaching career

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The Pants That Drew The Police Not sure if it fits but it’s a decent story nonetheless:

Back when I was like 13, I was at my grandmas house with my older brother and my cousin jumping on the trampoline. Well unbeknownst to me, they had schemed up a plan that involved them pantsing me and running off with my shorts. Not only that but they also took my shoes that were at the base of the trampoline and tossed them into the yard.

It’s well worth mentioning that my grandmas yard was filled with every type of sticker you could imagine: goat head stickers, burrs and some little tiny one that was black and split in two like horns (they itch like hell too when you pull them out). Also came complete with poison oak/ivy, bullnettles and thorns. So I was essentially stuck in no mans land.

Well after being stuck there for 5-10 minutes and my brother and cousin taunting me, I decided I would stick it to them and moon them. Well right as I dropped trou, a cop drove by and saw everything. Pulled in and said “what the hell are you doin son?”I explained my situation to him and told him what happened and he chuckled and made my brother and cousin go grab my s**t. My grandma came out freaking out because she saw the cop and once he told her what happened, she started cracking up.

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A Nice Ending To An Otherwise Horrible Situation Had an absolutely terrible boss at a hospital. She had been there for almost 30 years and was almost omnipotent. She was an absolutely horrendous human being in every way shape and form. She liked to pick one person everyday at random that worked with her and pick on them until they cried. She would then fake false feelings about how sorry she was, that she didn’t mean to do it, and so on. Our department ran the Toys for Tots drive at our hospital. She insisted that all toys were kept in her office. It didn’t take me long to figure out she was stealing the toys. I took photographic evidence as well as writing down everything I could in the ensuing months about everything she was doing. I knew at this point she knew that I did not like her and that I had pretty much figured out what she was about so she turned her attention to me and made my life miserable. I finally did quit, however, I made it my mission to take her with me. Everyone in the hospital, including the CEO, we’re somewhat afraid of her and we’re just trying to get her to her 30 years so she could go out naturally. After I quit I sent photos and all of my written documentation to the CEO of the hospital who I had tried to talk about all of this stuff with before I left but could tell he was not listening. I then wrote if she was not dealt with I was going to notify the local news channels about what I knew was going on with her. Needless to say she was forced to retire immediately upon her 30th anniversary, which was a week away.

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Blackmail At Its Finest When I was stationed in Korea my sergeant threatened to tell command I was drinking underage. Fortunately I had pictures of our squad drinking and he was present so I told I would show them to command if he told on me.

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Thanks For Ruining It For Everyone foxglovingly said:
My next door neighbor kept picking my plum tree dry when I would go out of town so I cut it down out of frustration. No plum jelly for anyone.

thehomiesthomie replied:
I have a plum tree and it’ll have nearly ripe plums all over it one day and none the next. The birds always get them just before they’re ripe so I rarely get any. 🙁

foxglovingly replied:
So what you’re saying is it could’ve been the birds the whole time and I potentially cut down an innocent fruit tree which had been providing sustenance for generations of bird families.

Feathercrown replied:
Did you not even talk to your neighbors about it first?

foxglovingly replied:
Yes, many times on multiple occasions. They were an older couple that felt some level of entitlement to the tree sense they were friends with the lady who use to live in the house and she would allow them to pick the tree. I had multiple issues with this neighbor intruding on my property/privacy including the old man noticeably creeping on me anytime I left my window shades open or did yard work.

foxglovingly , Marcu Ioachim Report

And That's Why We Never Asked Jimmy To Play Hide And Seek Ever Again In 7th grade my teacher decided to use process drama to teach about the Holocaust. He told us we can hide anywhere in the building and if we successfully evade him looking for us, we will get a bunch of extra credit. Conversely, if we are caught, we will get 5 points for each other classmate we rat out. I hid successfully in the computer class under a spare tv cart that barely fit me.

My soon-to-be-not-friend had chosen poorly in the same room and was easily found. Upon walking out I very clearly remember him yelling, “Wait! Yams is in the corner under the cart!”

I can’t remember being so mad at someone. Ratted out for a mere 5 points?! I yelled at him and def overreacted. The lesson being a process drama, that was kind of the point… To experience the fear and potential rage at your neighbors for ratting you out.

(For those of you who don’t know, this lesson style is to give the student first-hand emotional connection to whichever content you’d like to teach. It’s incredibly effective)

Tl;dr – I was taken down along with a classmate and lost extra credit.

Yams_Garnett , misskprimary Report

Not sure if this counts but in high school I played quarterback and started my freshman and sophomore year (junior varsity). When I moved up to varsity my junior year I was a back up which is fine but I didn’t see eye to eye with our new coach. He said he’d give me playing time but one day pulled me into his office and said he wouldn’t be doing that. He gave me an ultimatum either I go down to jv again and be their quarterback or I don’t play and stay on the bench. I said cool ok I quit.

He was like um what??? His assistant coaches were begging me to stay and said they’d start me at any position I wanted but at that time I enjoyed running track more anyways. Now here’s where the “taking you down with me” comes into play. The next game or so the starting qb gets hurt and guess who has no back up qb? he was subbing randoms in and was so desperate my friends told me he considered looking for a qb in the stands, needless to say they lost that game badly. He apologized to me years later but yeah I really enjoyed that.

jujux15 Report

My old boss tried firing me because I was better than them at their job. Tricked them into saying it out loud. In front of the CEO.

Let’s just say they don’t need to worry about me being better than them anymore.

UrMamFat Report

There was this kid who was snitching on me because I had gotten into a fight with an upperclassman over my family’s divorce. But I knew this kid was dealing weed, so I snitched him as well. Like c’mon, who the f**k snitches? That’s just low. If you snitch me, you’re in for revenge.

TheHolyAlpaca1 Report

My friend in highschool dumped me and insulted me so I told his girlfriend about him cheating with three other girls. I screenshotted the text and everything.

o0Talaras0o Report

Just happened last Saturday.

I’ve been accused of buying a minor alcohol at the shop I work at. Of course I didn’t but they don’t see it like that.

I was too awkward to say no to the person who asked so I went to the till and said “x wants me to buy him these, I don’t want to. So can you say that you can’t serve me it?” to the person on the till. However she scanned it and pressed the payment button. So I had to get it refunded and now they have a record of me buying said alcohol. The supervisor that doesn’t like me had to refund them and put in the log book that I was buying x alcohol. Now I’ve been put in a world of s**t and management aren’t taking my side of the story at all and not bothering to ask the person who was on the till what happened and taking what the supervisor said at face value.

I can see why, it’s my word (the guy who’s been there for 7 months) against a supervisor that’s been there for well over half a decade

If this accusation sticks and it gets on my record then I decided that I’d tell every dirty secret of all the people who’ve given me s**t to the manager. I’m not too fussed about the fine, it’s £750 apparently and I can pay that in a two or three months.

I’d tell them that a supervisor is stealing stock, the same supervisor sits on the phone talking to her boyfriend, another supervisor who let kids shoplift and which night is best to do it on, the first supervisor who is using the work computer for Facebook games, work place bullying and sexual harassment, the person who stole from the till, again the first supervisor who doesn’t do her job to the detriment of others, why nothing got done in the shop etc etc.

I’d do this because I want to be a teacher so if this gets on my record I can’t become one. What school is going to accept someone who’s been accused of buying a minor alcohol or having “buying a minor alcohol” on their record. So if this shop is going to f**k me over I’d f**k them over

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Mine isn’t actually mine but it’s my Great Uncle’s and it’s also super litteral so here goes:

He and his friends we playing near a lake with a hill that over looks it and like you’d expect from late teenagers, they were all jumping off it for fun. Good stuff.

At one point my G.Uncle was prepared to jump off when his friend pushed him. Now it was only a gentle push, just made to make him jump and/or lose his balance so he falls, this backfired horribly for the prankster, however, because my G.Uncle, before falling completely, managed to turn around, grab the prankster’s shoulder, and drag them both down into the water.

They both popped their heads above water, dying of laughter along with the rest of the group.

Misterwuss Report

Using Digital Sorcery To Make Them Suffer when i was in my 2nd year of canadian high school (basically 8th grade), our final english project was to make a movie in teams, this project was going to take half a year to make and was worth A LOT of points in our grades. i was pretty hyped up because i love doing amateur movies. our class had 7 boys, me, my 2 friends, 3 guys that were known for being lazy af and un-fun to work with, and another guy who is useless in the story.

so me and my friends had to be paired in teams with the 3 other guys, but at least we were 3 willing to work, and 1 of the other guys looked to be willing to work seriously with us. before we started working on the script, a group of girls were missing 2 people in their team and my friend just joined them, leaving me with the 3 slackers. the whole process was a nightmare, we had a shared account on google to keep the script and video clips so we could all work on the project even when we were not at school. the script, that i almost entirely wrote, was often griefed by one of the guy who found it funny to put racial slurs all over the script. while filming, my teammates kept dragging on and doing nothing, the racial slurs’ guy purposely took 2 hours to read correctly 1 sentence in front of the camera. we were not moving forward as fast as we were supposed to, so the teacher was suspicious of what we were doing.

one day, i was forced to miss school because of a dentist appointment, and those f*****s decided to take advantage of my absence to go tell the teacher that it was all my fault for everything (including griefing the script). when i got back in the afternoon, i was stared at by the whole.class and was promptly told by my teammates and by the teacher that i was now out of the project and would be getting a 0 if i did not give a complete script and a 5min+ movie, but it was for the next monday, so i had only a weekend to make a half a year project. so i couldn’t do anything and got a 0.

i was p****d out of my mind, amd then i remembered the shared account. i went back, deleted the entire script and replaced the movie with a corrupt file, wich they didn’t checked before giving it to the teacher. I don’t know how, but the teacher managed to reserve a whole movie theater room for the sighting, and all the english students were there. i was able to see their confused looks as their movie didn’t play, and everyone else too, since we all had a sheet with wich movie was coming next. when the teacher checked, there was no script, and no movie, so they got a 0 too. and since they forgot i could’ve still access the project i got no s**t and the blame went to them. i might’ve not passed my english class that year, but i made sure neither did them.

tl:dr : teammates ruin a project, put the blame on me and make me have a 0, so i make them fail the class too

HeavyWeath3r , Brad Montgomery Report

My single friend was dating a married coworker. One night he decided to take a single girl he was seeing to a restaurant. Turns out his married girlfriend was with her husband at the same restaurant.

When his married gf saw him with another girl she completely flipped. She ran over to their table screaming “oh is this your new s**t? Did you tell her you f**k me at lunch everyday?” And on and on. Her husband is standing there shocked. He had no idea apparently. She was so mad at her bf for going out with another woman that she completely outed herself in front of her husband just to let this new girl know he was taken.

My friend said he just got up and left the two girls to compare notes before the husband grew a pair.

Not sure what happened with the married couple but my friend ended his relationship with the married lady and the single one dumped him the next day.

Boxman75 Report

My landlord tried to bill me about a thousand dollars worth of water, essentially billing for all the water spent by all tenants. I told him I needed to see the bill from the water company. He said it didn’t exist, it was by his own calculation. Well I told him it was BS and he threatened to evict me so I paid. However I also joined a tenant association and these guys will take a landlord to court and undress him. I told my landlord I had joined the association and to just stay put as they would soon get in contact with him. After a couple of days my landlord shows up at my door, with a piece of paper saying he will repay me and lower my rent if I just stop the case. I asked him how much he would lower my rent, and he said 80 bucks a month. I took the paper and tore it up, shut the door. Couple of days later he’s back, this time saying he will lover it by about 130 bucks a month. I sit him down, take the piece of paper, and hold my pen to it. Then as I’m about to sign it I go: Say, there’s some paint on the front door. Would you mind removing it? He’s all pale now but says yes. I then put my pen to the paper, but just before I sign it I again go Say, it would be really nice if you could clean up the lawn… He agrees again. I think there was one more thing and then he signed it. My rent is nice and low.

My landlord is the scum of the Earth. There been two more cased where the piece of filth has tried to evade the law but us tenants have nailed him. I even had the distinct pleasure of screaming in his face what a waste of human life he is. I used my height and my deep voice and really scared him. I’m not done with him either. He must pay until the bitter end.

JohnSingapore Report

I work for a boat rental company on the lake in my city. I don’t own a boat licence, which is in general not really important because our boats are used for picnics and stuff which means they are drivable without a licence. What is important however, is that the speedboat we use doesn’t fit that criteria, so to drive it we need a licence. It’s used for rescues and whatnot.

Back to the story, there’s this one kid who went to my school at the time who was a goody-two-shoes and has a jealous streak. Except for being overly good and bragging about it he brags about drinking at school. He applied for the same job I did but I ended up being the one to get it. He wasn’t pleased. I ended up talking to my friends about the job and telling them that I didn’t have my boat licence at the time, and apparently he overheard. Anyway, eventually he came with his group of friends about a year later to rent a boat for the day. After they set off I get notified that there was trouble with the boat and I went on the speedboat. I head up to them within a couple minutes and of course it’s them. I fix the issue (issue with the tiller handle) and conveniently the water police for the lake drive by, and this kid who still is annoyed about not getting the job said – ‘he has been working here for a year and doesn’t have his boat licence.’ That p****d me off, they were about to fine me when I said “this kid underage drinks.” I got fined, he got in big trouble with his parents. At least I didn’t lose my job. But I learned to get my licence lol.

Zkuldafn Report

When It Comes To Slipping, It's Survival Of The Fittest! When I was a little kid, my mom made me hold her hand to cross the street out of Publix (ya know, as parents do). She slipped on a wet spot on the street, screamed “c********r!”, and yanked me down with her. Then she had some kind of misfired reflex, and slapped her hand over my face to try to cushion my fall (I guess?). At the time, I thought my mom was randomly trying to assault me or smth right in the god damn parking lot.

TheWholeOfHell , unicellular Report

Sort of in the middle of this kind of thing right now.

My boss threatened that if I ran off his favorite worker, that he’d shut the business down. There are a number of vital functions that only I can perform in that office. Nobody else is even close to being trained to do them. He’s allowed me to become too important, this is not an ego thing. I’m looking for a job. When I leave, he’ll have to close down.


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Oh Yeah, This Is All New... Yep... Brand... New... I worked as a mechanic and tow truck driver for this man, I had a class A CDL. I could drive any class truck and was a master mechanic, but my specialty was older cars with carburetor.

Anyway, he had a contract with a major moving van company. Where people can rent a truck to move themselves.

This man would go on a service call where a customer left the lights on, replace the batteries. Charge rental company for new batteries. Take the batteries he took out of van, recharge them and do it over and again.

Rental company was paying for new batteries, that were not new. They had been used over and over.

Saw him once taking new tires off a rental truck that fit his tow truck.

When I left, I called rental company and told them.

rontc , crash71100 Report

Thanks A Lot, Ray When I was a teenager, my second job ever was at Journey’s. My manager was terribly irresponsible. He would leave me alone at the store even though he wasn’t supposed to do that. He kept the back room a mess so that merchandise would get lost back there and our inventory would be off. He’d steal commission from our sales by ringing them under his name. But most egregiously, he habitually turned a blind eye when his friends would shoplift when they visited. Our shrink rate was sky high. Like, thousands and thousands of dollars of merchandise missing from a small store in a suburban mall. When he finally got caught, he implicated the whole staff, so they fired literally everyone. I was devastated. I had a hard time getting another job after that for a while. Turns out getting fired from your second job ever for being implicated in a shoplifting scheme is a really bad look. I hope that guy is still rotting in retail hell. Thanks a lot, Ray.

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Isn't Cut Jeans High Fashion? Growing up my best friend and I got in trouble for cutting up brand new, expensive jeans to make shorts. Her mom was (rightfully) screaming at me, so I said, “what about [her daughter], she asked me to and handed me the scissors?” and got us both grounded so at least we could sit together in her room lol.

Lockshala , Jett Brooks Report

*Pun Intensifies* If you’re Canadian, you’ve done this to your bff while slipping on ice outside of school at least once in your life.

Mylaex , RichardBH Report

It’s not super serious but in high school my senior year I checked out mentally. My school took attendance 3rd period (as in that would be the class that if you missed they would call your house) so basically I would leave after 3rd period.

Anyway, 1st and 2nd period were for calculus BC and I had an exam one day. I lived walking distance to school and on the day of the exam I knew I was gonna fail. Just happened to be the case that I saw someone in my class on the way to school and I knew he was going to cheat. So instead of giving him the opportunity to cheat, I ran ahead of him and made it to class before him to take the seat near the smartest guy in the class.

When the classmate I passed on the way to school showed up he went directly to me and told me to give him that seat. I told him that i knew he would cheat and so if I’m going to fail he’ll also have to fail. I wouldn’t budge so he was forced to sit somewhere else and we both failed. I don’t like to cheat on exams, it makes me anxious when thinking of getting caught so I was gonna take my L but also take that guy down with me.

Roderk Report

Just Good Old Fashioned Family Fun When I was a kid, I was at a Chinese restaurant sitting next to my uncle. As he put his teacup down, he spilled some on the table cloth, so I laughed at him. He laughs too, then he takes my teacup and upends it on the table in front of me then says to my Dad “Hey! Look at this mess!”

I mean, that’s it’s normal to make a mess in a Dim Sum restaurant, but still.

ClownfishSoup , faungg’s photos Report

When I was in grade 6, I waited all recess to use the swing, right when it was my turn, a kid a year younger stole it and I asked him to get off politely, but he didn’t get off. I got really p****d and tried roll the seat under him to get him off forcefully, then he got up and punched me in the rib and then face, I didn’t really feel it though. The fact is, we both got in trouble, part of me kind of knew something like this would happen when I pushed him off.

Shiverind Report

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